Flynn Case Comes To A Head: Judge Asks Court For More Time; DOJ: You Don’t Have The Authority

Daily Wire: The years-long case against former Trump national security adviser retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn continues despite the Department of Justice announcing weeks ago that it wants it thrown it — but the end is near.

Keeping the case alive is Federal District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan, who has refused the Justice Department’s request to immediately dismiss the case, instead deciding to first reexamine the case with the help of retired judge John Gleeson. But the standoff between the Justice Department and Sullivan appears to be coming to a head, both filing directly conflicting motions on Monday to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, which has since announced that it will be holding oral arguments next week.

On May 21, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals took the “extraordinary” measure of ordering Sullivan to respond by June 1 to Flynn’s petition to drop the charges against him after the Justice Department submitted a motion to throw out the case. The DOJ made the decision after newly disclosed evidence came to light indicating that the FBI set a “perjury trap” for Flynn, as Attorney General William Barr put it, and determining that Flynn’s statement was “immaterial” because the entire case was flawed.

Sullivan’s motion, filed Monday by the high-powered attorney Sullivan hired shortly after the court’s order, asked the D.C. Court of Appeals not to force the judge to dismiss the case yet. Sullivan’s attorney, Beth Wilkinson, argued in the motion that the judge should have more time to determine whether to dismiss the case.

“If Judge Sullivan’s decision is anything short of what the parties sought, this court will have a chance to review it, without writing on a blank slate,” said Wilkinson, as reported by NBC News. “There is no reason for this court to enter the fray now.” more

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  1. Should this be so hard? Will this go on for months like all the other shams?


  2. Why doesn’t Sullivan just remove Trump from office, since he is declaring he has magical powers never before seen.

  3. does anyone really believe this Kabuki theater will result in ‘justice’?

    this has nothing to do w/ the prime objective of ‘justice’ anymore than the objective of the measure of ‘guilt’ of Gen. Flynn (a person is innocent until proven guilty … that is the bedrock of our ‘judicial system’) … try to focus upon that point

    we are at a stage (for quite awhile) where ‘political’ justice has become the overriding concern (recent SCOTUS decisions, & other Federal Courts, have proved that out)

    I didn’t include ‘social justice’ because it is a myth meant to keep the ‘enlightened’ in line so they can be used … & they’re too stupid to question the ‘authority’

  4. ““There is no reason for this court to enter the fray now.””

    there’s that Jedi mind trick again.
    tell the bastard to take his finger out of the dike and let the swamp drain.
    shit or get off the pot

  5. This is obnoxious. More time? All kinds of additional proceedings in the trial court so that the Ds can do their unconstitutional mental masturbating? If Flynn doesn’t like it he’s then able to appeal? Forget the politics. It’s more attorney time at umpteen hundred dollars for every hour. F’ing judge should be ordered to pay Flynn’s legal fees. Pig.

  6. LT Gen Flynn exoneration will be the linch pin that collapses the deep state and the Magic Negro.

    Sullivan (not a real Judge) has his marching orders to protect the Jug Eared Jesus at all costs.

    This is a desperate attempt to run out the clock on the hope Hillezelbub wins and shuts the whole thing down while recharging
    LT Gen Flynn.

    He has the keys to the kingdom and they fear him so. They are also trying to maneuver PDJT into an early pardon to smear him and use as political cover.

    This is a war and the cabal is all in. Add in the Chicoms interests and its do or die (literally) for America.

  7. Flynn should have told the Fucking Brainless Idiots to get bent. He should have at least had legal representation present in spite of what he was told. Hindsight.

  8. The Left has no intention of letting Flynn go, and since they are in control of most of the legal system they will probably get their way against him one way or another.

  9. Answerman Cooper has the idea. Flynn has some very damaging info on the fudgepacker. That info may include Obozo’s origins as well as the truth about the borrowed children to help conceal the truth about the transvestite goon.
    Hopefully he will expose this farce soon.

  10. The objective to to drag this out until after the November elections. Circuit court is in on the fix. It has been one month already since DOJ dropped the case. Now circuit wants another week before they hear oral arguments to give them cover for the decision they have already made. Flynn will then have to appeal to the supremes, but, surprise! The Supreme Court will go on their summer vacation before this case goes to them, and they don’t reconvene until October. Another month of dithering, and voila! Elections (rigged) are over, and Joe’s new AG Kamala Harris will renew prosecution.

    I hate being right so often.

  11. I imagine LTG Flynn will have a few things to get off his chest when he’s in the clear. Should be interesting. Can’t wait.

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