Flynn Files Motion To Dismiss – DOJ Revises Sentencing To Probation

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Lawyers representing Lt. General Michael Flynn have filed a motion to dismiss [pdf here] citing “government misconduct”. Additionally Mr. Flynn has filed a declaration [pdf here] requesting to remove his prior guilty plea and take the case to trial. Hours later the DOJ revised their sentencing memo, dropped their request for jail time and offered probation.

Within the motion to dismiss (full pdf embed below) Flynn’s legal team point out several issues with the prosecution of Mr. Flynn and highlight the recent findings, admissions and briefs amid the IG report, DOJ notifications to the FISA Court, and FISC orders therein. More

14 Comments on Flynn Files Motion To Dismiss – DOJ Revises Sentencing To Probation

  1. “Innocent.”

    “… it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.”

    Tyranny is completely subjective.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Stop posting “Epstein didn’t kill himself” memes and start posting “Eric Ciaramella is the Whistleblower” memes. Everywhere.

  3. Justice Roberts crooked as ever blocks Rand Pauls question on origin of the House impeachment. Protect obama and hillary at all costs right “judge?”

  4. Washington is completely corrupt and no one has any plans on correcting it. They will keep pulling the blinds so no one gets caught. That’s what we are now, 3rd world corrupt to the core.

  5. I can’t get over the fact that an honest judge would
    have jailed those DOJ prosecutors long ago for contempt,
    suppression of exculpatory evidence and lying to the court.
    Then he should have dropped all charges and required
    a persoonal appearance by Bob Barr and that ass Wray
    to explain why their Departments behaved criminally
    to prosecute an innocent man.

  6. well hillary lied to the fbi, congress and destroyed subpoenaed evidence
    she still walks around free as a bird or as free as a bird can with a back brace and colostomy bag

    Flynn should have used her defense

  7. Gen Flynn is soon to be off the hook. Carter Page is suing the DNC and Perkins-Couie. Gen Flynn will sue also as soon as he is exonerated.

    The discovery phase of these suits will open a can of whoop ass that will lead past The Lizrd Queen all the way up to the Black Jesus.

    It’s all starting to crumble now and the last minute probation offer from the DOJ will not work.


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