Folk Singer Jailed For Pedophilia Hired To Perform By Code Pink

Code Pink doesn’t care that Peter Yarrow was jailed for “taking liberties with a 14 year-old,” he’s going to smugly strum his folk guitar as if he’s better than you. And Code Pink will agree that he’s better than you because he pulls the lever for leftism, and that’s all that really matters.

(I love the juxtaposition of the word ‘young” sticking out of the pri¢k’s head.)

Besides, Carter pardoned him. The pardon absolves him. The lust in his heart for a minor is not that major.

In 2037 Anthony Weiner is going play shirtless bongos outside the Pentagon and he’ll be applauded. That’s how despicable the left is.



16 Comments on Folk Singer Jailed For Pedophilia Hired To Perform By Code Pink

  1. another disgusting Progressive Socialist in the mold (& I do mean ‘mold’) of Harvey Weinstein, his compatriots & enablers

    I’m totally done with garbage such as this … Fuck off & die … all of you!

  2. I’m sure that will be a riveting performance.
    Who listens to folk music except silver pony tailed commie dudes and dumpy, unshaven women wearing Birkenstocks and DriedUpPussy hats?

  3. The weird (read ‘typical’) thing is that this is the first I’ve heard of this Peters’ sex crime. Boy, they really knew how to cover their own, didn’t they.

  4. It is phenomenally impossible to relate liberal righteousness with common decency, or common sense.
    The closest they can get is common core, and we all know how screwed up that is.

  5. He’s got a rap sheet going back 50 years for this kind of offense.

    Good time to bring back public lynchings.

    What do you think ZuckBook and Twat are?

  6. According to the Wikipedia article on him (which barely mentions this incident), it happened about 2 months before he married Eugene McCarthy’s niece. He met her while campaigning for McCarthy in 1968. I can’t find anywhere what Mary Beth’s age is or how old she was when she married Yarrow (who was 31 then).

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