Follow Up: Hit and Run Driver Was ‘Huffing” Air Duster

The driver who struck and killed three girl scouts and an adult supervisor in Lake Hallie, WI now faces upwards of 281 years.


Authorities say that 21-year-old Colton Treu bought a can of air duster and he and a friend were huffing it. The friend noticed that Treu  looked “out of it” as he was driving the black pickup truck. The friend tried to take the wheel and the two struggled for control of the vehicle when it left the road. More

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  1. Canada recently legalized marijuana across all their provinces. How soon it it be before they will peddle marijuana infused maple syrup. Maple syrup is Canadas liquid gold. O, Canada, your maple leaf is dead.

  2. Both of the idiots should be doing life behind bars. They were struggling over the steering wheel.
    I feel so bad for those kids having their lives stolen by a criminally reckless act.

  3. And yet as I listen to the radio yet another state (CO) that has now turned blue wants to start a safe injection site program to make sure the druggies don’t kill themselves. Are they going to make sure after they provide them with their sterile needle and a safe place to inject that they don’t go get in a car and run down some innocent people?!

  4. Another media failure to alert the public about how giving into the fringe and lunatics is killing innocent people. There are dozens of recent studies on the dangers of weed. How many did the media report?

  5. I give this guy three years tops before they find him in a prison bathroom, beaten to death with a toilet seat.

  6. I received my Medicare card today and am officially an old broad. If I have my Mother’s genes (she’s 93), I’ll be around for a while. Society sucks these days. Yeah, kids huffed glue in my day, but thankfully they didn’t drive and if their parents found out? Smack down! Not so much these days. Progressiveness is a cancer. Going off the grid sounds good to me (as long as I can access iotwreport with a phantom ISP). 😉

  7. @ref/res: you’re correct.

    Can’t keep kids from doing stupid crap like this.

    How awful for the families (not the ones of the killers – I should care about them but I’m having difficulty doing so).

  8. Hanging is too good for this SOB! Find a beach at low tide, dig a hole and bury him up to mid-chest.. Sit back and enjoy the show!

  9. I was using that stuff in a tight space on
    a ladder to cool off a wire I had just soldered.
    You hold the can upside down and it becomes a
    poor man’s freeze spray.My head spun and I
    all most fell off the ladder!


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