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Fontova: President Trump, You Are No JFK

Town Hall: “JFK had a legendary love life.  Did one of his affairs connect him with the mob?” (CNN, promoting its Kennedy family hagiography, March 31, 2018.)

“Legendary” –whether morally-neutral or complimentary or both– is not exactly the terminology CNN is employing with regard to President Trump’s “love life.”

Consensual and discreet adulterous affairs distant (both time-wise and geographically) from the White House do not qualify a “love life” as “legendary” with CNN.

But apparently, feeding amyl-nitrate poppers to a starstruck 19 year-old, taking her virginity in the very White House bed and directing her to fellate a 50-year old friend while watching does.

Or has CNN forgotten about Mimi Alford? A reminder:

“When a reveler (at a celebrity party) passed around a tray of sex drug amyl nitrate, writes Mimi Alford, the president (JFK) asked her if she wanted to try it. “I said no,’ Alford recalls, ‘but he just went ahead and popped the capsule and held it under my nose. I ran crying from the room.’ 

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13 Comments on Fontova: President Trump, You Are No JFK

  1. And I’d be willing to bet that Donald Trump’s father didn’t take him to a whore house to learn about sex when he was young like JFK’s sleazebag old man did.

  2. I’ve never been a fan of any Kennedy. I sure didn’t buy into the presses’ Camelot bullshit.

  3. He was boinking Sam Giancana’s girlfriend and passed Monroe to his brother for a spin.

  4. Kennedy clearly had an addition problem, his ego trip most likely would’ve led to the end of his life prematurely if he hadn’t been murdered.

    And did his father really take him to a whore house when he was a teenager?
    That is one sure way to make sure that your child becomes a fuck up (pardon my French.)

  5. the Kennedy’s are all pigs, just like Willy & Hilly, the Obamas & the whole demonRat party since then …. a cult of personality

  6. Then there was the underage WH intern. . . but hey, he was a democrat.

  7. If anybody can be singly blamed for causing the Depression it’s Joe Kennedy.
    That bootlegger bullshit is just more of the Kennedy lies

    May they all rot in hell

  8. When Donald Trump fucked around he was a Democrat. If he remained a Democrat there would be no problem. But he turned Republican, ran against 17 other so called Republicans for the Presidency. Kicked ass an won the nomination. He was then laughed and scoffed at by the media and the talking heads. (There is a great compilation of assholes who laughed at Trump still on youtube.) It’s hilarious.
    Trump ran on “Making America Great Again.” Something he had been talking about for decades. Watch him on Oprah, Letterman, Kimmell back in 1986, 1994. You can still find those interviews on youtube.
    He talked American and they all loved him. Now that he’s President, doing what he always said he wanted to do, the fucking left wingers hate him. They hate him with a sick passion. Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) if it continues will seriously damage this great Republic. Add to that the continuous battery by Mueller and company. They Deep Swamp State.
    The fact that North and South Korean families are reuniting after decades, the US is talking to China, Unemployment is way down, the the stock market is exploding. Business is booming NATO is paying it’s fair share of it’s defense. That dosen’t mean Jack Shit to lefties
    Their big phony problem is Russian Collusion and Trump getting laid years ago. (Truth of the matter is, they’re just jealous. Can you imagine Schumer or Cummings trying to get laid?) Oh my Lord, what a sight!
    Anyway, the bottom line is, we have two tiers of justice and morality in this country and we, the good people, are losing. The Kennedy’s will always be adored by the left and now we have to add Song bird McCain. God help us.

  9. She fucks JFK for 18 months.. At a party she gives JFKs friend a blow job while JFK watches.
    She continues to fuck JFK until a week before he gets his brains blown out.
    And here’s the kicker : she engaged to another man during the JFK affair.

    Now you don’t have to buy the whore’s book. You’re welcome.

  10. Anonymous. Thank you.
    Did she marry the guy she was engaged to? Just curious.

  11. @ moe Tom- yes, she marries him and years later they divorce.

    She meets a new man in nyc and tells him about her affair with jfk and he suggests that she write a book.
    So the old whore writes the book that I sincerely hope you don’t waste your money buying.

    One other tidbit – she gives jfk’s friend the blow job in Bing Crosby’s house while jfk and the rest of the merry partygoers watched.

  12. Anonymous. Thanks again. Fuck! I wish I was born a broad. I’d be one rich muddafooker! LOL. What a fucked up world we live in. And me, beliveing that if I didn’t stop it, I’d go blind and have hair growing in the palms of my hands. For fook sake!

  13. The love of money is a root cause o evil. The Kennedy’s are but one example of many.


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