Food Fighters

red and green salsa

  […] Rojas says the confrontation began over a basket of chips costing $5 and a choice of red and green salsa.

‘All because chips were $5 and they wanted the green salsa instead of the red,’ he wrote on Facebook.

Video HERE

h/t Blazing Cat Fur

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  1. At 2:30 in the morning I’m assuming this was a food establishment full of drunks sopping up their nights fun with some greasy fat. But more outrageous – $5 for a basket of chips and salsa that is usually complimentary with a meal in every restaurant I’ve ever visited living in the southwest. The big upset is usually when they charge for a chip bowl refill. Must be ObamaCare inflation.

  2. Either red or green salsa is good. Usually the green stuff is milder, it is more palatable for pansy goofs who fight over such trivial bullshit.

  3. When I was in High School I worked in a grocery store. Once I asked an older manager what they used to do with shoplifters and riffraff back in the days before security cameras. He said “we used o take ’em out back and beat the piss out of ’em”, he was talking about violent riffraff and habitual shoplifters. Anyone throwing chairs, breaking windows and starting a fistfight over a effing bowl of salsa & chips is the kind of person that should be taken out back and get their ass kicked

  4. That sh!t don’t happen here in Houston. Just Dallas.

    And no, green sauce is not usually milder. Green sauce is tomatillo-based, which is what gives it the green color. If I sold my green sauce commercially, it would probably carry a Hazmat warning, require parental notification before consuming (regardless of your age) and be stored in double containers. My green salsa has made grown men cry at the real Terlingua chili cook-off and was once used to destroy an alien spaceship, but I ain’t allowed to talk about that.

    Anyway… fu*k Dallas.

  5. Wow! For a change no blacks were involved, but they’re all one in the same by the way they act. No proper upbringing. By the looks of the slipping and sliding, we can easily say it was a greasy spoon restaurant in the ghetto.

  6. Willy, dat can’t be da Rangers doin dat, there’s no sauna! And where’s his Vikings stuff?
    And Bud Light? what, no Old Style or Schmidt?

  7. Willy,

    Oh No, I’m not watching that one. I’me still trying to get the cramp out of my brain from the last one.

  8. Burner…it’s summer, he’s hunkered down and nekkid, dancing inside, cuz the muskies ain’t biting’…

  9. Why does Bad Brad get so many thumb’s down recently?….for innocent comments…..Did somebody miss the ice cream truck, on a regular basis?….

  10. Willy, appearantly I invaded the safe space of some #NeverTrump robots. Well and JohnS. It’s pretty funny actually. I think they have some sort of sophisticated warning system set up. Within 30’seconds of any comment I have at least one TU. It’s hilarious. I think some of them are taking vacation days from work to watch. LOL

  11. Willy, they are too cowardly to meet me in the field of battle in our quest to find Valhalla. (Last) However they have heroic index fingers.

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