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Food Magazine Editor Fired For Vegan Joke

A private e-mail exchange between Waitrose editor William Sitwell and freelance journalist Selene Nelson ended up costing Sitwell a position he has held for 20 years at the food magazine.


The problem started when Nelson offered vegan recipes for Sitwell to publish in his magazine. Ms. Nelson didn’t appreciate his reply when he e-mailed back and shared the exchange with Buzzfeed News:

 “Thanks for this. How about a series on killing vegans, one by one? Ways to trap? How to interrogate them properly? Expose their hypocrisy? Force-feed them meat? Make them eat steak and drink red wine?”


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  1. “myWaitrose members can enjoy Waitrose & Partners Food magazine featuring recipes and articles from the world’s best chefs and food writers, for free.”

    Nah, not interested, not even for free.
    Now, if they want to pay me to look.
    Well ok then.

  2. She has no regrets in what she did to him.

    “From this experience I will take away only the positives: how encouraging the widespread support for veganism has been, how Waitrose and other major retailers are investing in plant-based food, and how – despite waves of irrational anger and aggression from some quarters – there is a mounting support for eating a more ethical and sustainable diet.”

    No thought that they guy might have a family and lost a 20 year career over a joke.

  3. Nothing like reinforcing the image of vegans being completely devoid of humor and cost a man his job of 20 years because you can’t take a rejection of a self serving pitch.

    I wonder if anybody in the food industry will every respond to another e-mail from the is Ms. Nelson in the future? If they know what’s good for them they’d avoid her like her lame vegan recipes she’s trying to pawn off on the unsuspecting.

  4. Wonder how many Waitrose states-based cookstaffs, dishwashers and assistant bottlewashers now find they have to vote Trump. For their own economic gastronomic self interests.
    . . .and be vewwy vewwy quiet on wednesday

  5. I made the misteak (sic, right?) of telling a vegan that I was vaguean. She asked what that meant. I said “I eat whatever”. She got angry. Vegans have no humor.

  6. How convenient.
    Where is her email to him, that he replied to? The ’email chain,’ please. Otherwise it is a chain of fools.
    I can only imagine that her initial, unsolicited email was offensive in itself, and he merely replied in kind, perhaps escalating things a bit. His email suggests to me that he, as an editor for 20 years, was responding in kind, in context. There is only one side of the coin being shown.
    And I’m a vegetarian of 50+ years, but I don’t care what anyone else eats, I have enough to concern myself with my diet alone.

  7. Anytime I hear “vegans”, it brings up the morons that nearly killed their cat by feeding it a vegan diet. Gotta assume an equal general unawareness prevails.
    Fuckers shouldn’t have a pet rock.

  8. “Vegan not tolerate any attempt at humor.”
    “Vegan go to Whole Foods and not get laughed at.”
    “Ve have spoken, and you shall obey.”

  9. Well, I probably shouldn’t divulge this, but-
    One of my current theories is that the plants are trying to take over the world. Any reasonable look at statistics and data will show an increase in CO2. Minimal, and historically cyclable as it is, CO2 might be going up. And it is intentional. The plants are doing it to us. It is their intent to take over the world and use us as fertilizer. They do it at night, while we are sleeping.
    Don’t laugh at me, the plants love it when you expel all that CO2 between guffaws.
    I’m going to get funding to study this and work it into common core teaching, so the children can benefit.

  10. While you have and need a job, you simply CANNOT make jokes.
    Especially in writing or on video.
    No matter how badly you want to crack a joke, just don’t.
    (See: Roseanne Barr – who one day had the most popular show on television, the next day she did not.)

  11. Vegans are very near the top of the “most annoying scale”. Just slightly below AntiFA members, leftist democrats, and others of that ilk. Their comments to any nutrition / diet blog or video are are almost all ways annoying and full of self righteousness. Very punchable bunch.

  12. “You’re a freelance journalist? Sorry, we have no work or assignments for you this week, next week, next month, or next year. Don’t call us, we’ll call you. ‘Bye.”


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