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Food Prices Forcing American Families to Seek Cheaper Options


Surging food prices due to historic inflation are forcing American families to adjust their eating habits by choosing cheaper options.

Cutting back on buying meats, shopping at high-end grocery stores, and dining out are among the many ways consumers are trying to save extra cash to avoid financial instability. More

23 Comments on Food Prices Forcing American Families to Seek Cheaper Options

  1. Recently, I had to give up going out for foie gras, escargot, chateaubriand and filet mignon on the local Champs-Élysées.

    But this is nothing compared to…

    GASP! O.M.G! Now it’s getting serious: Hellmann’s mayonnaise was $6.49 a jar the other day!

  2. Went to my local diner for the first time in four months. Love that place. Family owned and run, hangout for all the old vets and decent prices (most meals are under $20).

    The only thing they did, instead of raising prices, was to shorten their hours they are open.

    There are always a bunch of cars when I drive by.

  3. Just paid last month’s credit card bill. $707.07

    Went out to dinner twice. Less than $100.
    Most of the rest of it was gas. Yeah and a tire repair. Commuting just ain’t worth it anymore.

  4. Fish out the front door, venison out the back. Waterfowl, upland game, vegetable garden and fruit trees.

  5. Don make since. We hasnt cut bak – coum to think of it, I ain’t payed for a meal in 30 years!

  6. You know what I’ve noticed that has risen more than people food? Doggy food. A bag of Iams that used to cost $19.00 I’ve seen as high as $46.00. And that was at Safeway.

  7. 1) Since when is Costco a cheaper option? You never leave that place with just the couple of items you went in for. Add in the price of membership that is going up in price, too…

    2) Does ‘The hostess with the mostess’ not realize that she could host a Pot-Luck

    3) Dad lamenting that he can’t buy the foods his kids beg for..
    Chances are, the food they are begging for is overpriced crap that no one really needs.
    Use your $$ a bit wiser.

  8. If the spendy people are seriously looking for cheaper options, I expect our local Aldi and grocery outlets to be booming.
    So far, their traffic has remained pretty much the same.

  9. Stock up on dried beans, rice while the prices are still lower. Learn how to cook em!

  10. Brad,

    I Agree.
    I was in ChyNa Town Last Night & Schezuan Doggy with Fried rice & Egg Noodle is now $16.95.
    So I decided to save & few bucks and have Mongolian Cat with Won Ton Soup.


  11. Black oil sunflower’s gone from $18 to $35 (50#).
    And the little birdies are eating more!
    (not to mention the squirrels and bears)

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  12. I noticed many store brand item locations are empty while the name brand equivalent is still on the shelf…

  13. Kcir
    LOL. so you’re saying the Kung Pow Bow Wow, and The Kung Pow Meow are no longer a choice.

  14. Go Away! We No Have Your Cat!

  15. Finally, we should chop up Bill Gates, Pelosi, Biden, Obama, Clinton, Schumer and the rest of them to use as dog food.

    That would cut down on the need for beef a LOT.

  16. Chicken dogs, Kraft Dinner, and canned beans. Sunday dinner.

  17. I had a cow butchered recently. I cooked a large roast in the crock pot all day and had some for dinner. It was so good!

  18. Speaking of Costco… they stopped making chocolate muffins because there is a chocolate shortage. WTF. Thanks again, Brandon.

  19. Interesting is the glaring fact that the insipid and Parkinsin’s deflated brain Joe Biden didn’t demand that grocery retailers “reduce prices” as he’s recently and comically demanded of gas station owners, cell phone entities, banks and others. Since when can anyone eat gas, a cell phone, or bank charges…? Funny also is while he’s a malicious and known racist white privilege trash, Biden’s massive paid importing of illegals has no way to feed or house the fiends except by taking away from Americans. Biden is nothing more than a scheming vicious disgusting fraud looking to be worshipped as God along with the rest of those ‘tower of babel’ builders by issuing the illusion of “sincerity”.

  20. I do most of my grocery shopping at Winco and Trader Joes. Winco is a large warehouse grocery store chain in the Pac. NW and they have the best low grocery prices in town. And I live 2 blocks away from Safeway and very rarely go there unless I need something quick, their prices are too high, and don’t even get me started on Rosauers because their prices are higher than anyone else in town except when they have a sale. And Trader Joes just because they have a good selection of items that I can’t find elsewhere. TJ’s has very good marinara sauce as well as the giant Creek Chalkidiki olives when they are in stock which are my favorite. And 3 Belgian chocolate bars for $1.80.


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