Footage captures West Bank arsonist in the act

The IDF and police captured a suspect that was sighted by a Nature and Parks Authority worker starting a fire in the north-western Etzion region.

The suspect was handed over to the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) for investigation.

The IDF spokesperson’s unit stated that during the night an IDF force near Dir Kaddis in the Ephraim region captured three suspects in a vehicle that had two full bottles of fuel, one empty bottle of fuel, a sack with fabric, gloves and lighters.  MORE

10 Comments on Footage captures West Bank arsonist in the act

  1. I suspect that this is a tactic already in use here.

    Let’s keep that border open and pile on another couple million “‘syrian refugees”

  2. Let me guess…they were all named Mohammed al-something.
    Well, at least in Israel, the authorities won’t spend time trying to figure out the motive.

  3. Fire is devastating to an environment. This is terrible.
    They have a nice wall, hang the bastards by their ankles and let them rot

  4. Why is it that I can take a hi-def photo with my friggin’ cell phone, but every security camera takes the grainiest photos since Polaroid?

  5. the Filthy Mohammedan Savage in the picture was practicing for when he meets Satan/Allah one day soon in Hell.

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