Football Hero

Tight End Benjamin Watson raised eyebrows recently by having the nerve to make the link between Planned Parenthood’s eugenics in the black community and Margaret Sanger. Playing this season for the Baltimore Ravens, Watson is also author of the book “Under Our Skin“, a response to the racial strife in recent years .

Reading into his background, it is claimed that Watson scored the third highest in NFL history on the Wonderlic Test.


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  1. A black child has the greatest chance (50%) of being killed while in his mother’s womb. I guess black lives only matter when they are capable of committing crimes and trying to kill law enforcement officers.

  2. Black lives matter when they are voting themselves to continued servitude on the Demorat plantation. Liberals don’t want blacks to succeed because the Demorat party would become obsolete without it’s eternal victims.
    I’ll have to check out Mr. Watson’s book.
    3-2-1 seconds until he is reviled on all social media.

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