For black wealth expert Henry Childs, racial reconciliation starts with expanding economy

Just The News: Part of what’s driving racial unrest is America’s failure to teach personal finance in schools, according to Henry Childs, the president of the Minority Wealth Commission.

In an interview with Just the News, Childs said his organization, which is devoted to growing wealth among disadvantaged minorities, is focused on improving education as a tool to help families break the cycle of poverty.  

“It should be a crime for anybody to graduate a high school and not to have some foundational financial literacy,” Childs said. “Because in a capitalist society, if you’re not able to understand finance and able to leverage finance to better yourself, your family, your community, then you’re going to be in a lot of struggle in life.”  MORE

9 Comments on For black wealth expert Henry Childs, racial reconciliation starts with expanding economy

  1. Even though my daughter went to parochial school that was never taught. When she became interested in having “her own” money we started her out with a “home financial bank”
    and issued her checks to write when she wanted to draw on her savings funds we kept at home. We also had her apply for her own library card which she promptly misplaced. After a few false starts and as she matured financially, we eventually got her a $100.00 limit Credit Card through our credit union. This helped us to teach her about compound interest.
    Today she is a money hawk when it comes to budgeting, credit, and dealing with a bank or institution. Be responsible parents. Don’t depend on schools to raise your children or teach them basic responsibility. Can schools teach about money? Yes. But who wants socialist schools to do so to their children?

  2. Perhaps it would be better to teach personal responsibility – personal finance lessons will naturally follow.

  3. Who gives a shit as long as I get my welfare check. You can’t even teach these kids to sit down and shut up. It all starts at home.

  4. Pearls before pigs.

    This isn’t about race. This is about maoism and the quest for power and money by the most vile, corrupt useless scum ever.

  5. That sort of teaching isn’t just for minorities it ought to be for everybody. When I look back on how I spent money in my early careers I wish to God I had that course in High School. It would have saved a lot of aggravation and would have been a helluva lot more worthwhile than trig.

  6. This is so true. I regularly have conversation with the young socialistas and they have no idea how the basic tax system works but they all want to change it. They do not even know what rate they currently pay but they want taxes to go up because in their mind taxes need to go up to pay for healthcare.

    Up here in canuckistan $100,000 pays 52% to 54% before you buy food or pay a mortgage.

  7. betcha they could write a couple dozen story problems using something like $23 TRILLION pissed away buying votes for the D party…

  8. Seems to me the black unemployment rate was at a new low under President Trump right up to when Frankenfeinsteins’s Monster came over from China.

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