For Democrats, The Better Life Gets The More They Complain

Blue State Conservative:

How much better off would Democrats specifically and civilization as a whole be if, for once, everyone focused on the massive societal gains and looked to the future with realistic optimism instead of misplaced and worsening pessimism?

Of the many axioms and truisms that offer sagacious observations in this lifetime, we could add one more to the list: The better life gets, the more miserable a leftist will become. 

Why this happens is not hard to figure out. Leftism is predicated on the failed worldview of Marxism, which posits human beings must be broken down into a limited binary of oppressor/oppressed, victim/victimizer, white/BOPIC, have/have not, etc. By definition, a leftist puts themself in the former class of each diametric, therefore adopting a position of resentment, jealousy, hostility, and envy. Like a cornered feral animal, the only remaining option is to attack the supposed threat.

This is true no matter one’s actual standing in the world, for example that of former U.S. Senator and two-time president Barack Obama. Having been born during a time period when blacks were legally segregated and yet rising to join one of the most exclusive groups in American history (only forty-two other human beings had ever been a president before him), Obama rallies around the notion of endemic oppressive forces.  more here

12 Comments on For Democrats, The Better Life Gets The More They Complain

  1. This website to a T. Freudian slip, by righty-tightys, just love pushing their mental handicaps onto anything it can stick too.

  2. Brad, oh come on really? Example, everytime I see a bent out of shape repub, just brings a smile to my face. That happens everyday

  3. I don’t have many libs in my circle, but the ones that I do (mostly family) I can honestly they are the most unpleasant, hand wringing, sky is falling, crybabies I know.

  4. The good news is we can easily identify them now with their face masks. And some studies suggest mask wearing lowers your IQ so they’ve got that going for them.

  5. It is human nature to struggle against adversity. Throughout time humans have had to struggle against natural adversity. Once we reached a point where we had overcome most of that the well-off didn’t have anything to struggle against, so they imagined adversity and created solutions to it that best suited them. It’s called Marxism. Read the history of that bastard.
    As we have improved even more since then the middle class and even the poor in the USA don’t have any REAL natural adversity, so even they have to imagine fake adversity to fight against (always on their terms). Think antifa and blm.
    If they keep it up they will experience REAL adversity and those pussies won’t be able to deal with it at all.


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