‘For every media claim of overwhelmed hospital war-zones, there are a dozen reports from actual workers, nurses, doctors and medical personnel reporting exactly the opposite’

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Medical personnel in Wisconsin, Missouri, California, Florida, Colorado, Oregon, Georgia New Jersey, and every region in the USA are reporting there are few to no patients in their facility and the medical staff is being laid-off, or told to go home and/or stay home, because there is nothing to do.

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  1. My daughter is a nurse in a major TX city. She texted that she hasn’t seen one case. Only two suspected exposures.

  2. This narrative is going to be curb stomped to death by the media. TPTB want this panic to last as long as possible and to do as damage to President Trump as they can.

    If unemployment hits 35% and 10s of 1,000s of small businesses go under, bet your last donut that’s o-key doh-key with the likes of Pelosi.

    All the while the scum in DC are throwing as much gas on the fire as they can. HowTF President Trump keeps his cool is amazing.

  3. …I’ve very recently been to a major hospital with a view of other major hospitals and talked to medical staff as I related here,

    , and there IS no crisis. They are slower, actually, less auto accidents.

    My county reports 72 SUSPECTED cases, total, with 2 deaths…in a population of 800,000 +.

    …someone ELSE may have a crisis.

    …but not SW OH…

  4. This is the first camera driven media hoax in history…
    No matter the real cause of death, the label is Covid 19.
    How many deaths are listed for other causes,
    What is the “normal” number?
    How many above that are you? Thanks to all the truth seekers, Trust but verify!

  5. Call your mayors and your governors and tell them, in the words of the great Minnie Pearl, “We’re through playin’ now.”

  6. We have 1 case at our hospital, not on a ventilator, there are 40 cases in our town of ~500K with 3 other hospitals and 20 of the are on ventilators, 18 of those 20 patients re over the age 76 with significant health problems (before corona hit).

    Mutherfucking dems

  7. Oh it gets better. Remember how Trump said they were going to “relax some insurance regulations”? One of these was to reduce the absolute minimum of how often someone needed to be seen by a hospice nurse to keep their eligibility for being enrolled on hospice. This went from 14 to 21 days. Normally someone gets seen twice a week. Alot of retirement and nursing homes are telling hospice staff to stay away unless the patient has a specific procedure that can only be done by a skilled nurse, an acute change in condition, or if the patient is actively dying. The reimbursement rate that the agency receives is generously staying the same despite a drop in service provided.

    So some shady hospices are firing their staff to maximize their profits.

    As hard as it is to staff a hospice, these agencies are going to have one hell of a time hiring anyone after these shenanigans.

  8. I have quite a few friends who I’ve talked with who have lots of friends they’ve talked with. None of us know anybody whom have this. We just keep hearing rumors.

  9. Everything is going as planned during this plandemic. The globalists are regaining total control, your right to assemble and peacefully protest has been placed on indefinite hold.
    Government is the only religion you can publically practice. Amazing how a 1400 page relief bill was crafted in just a couple days time. No, it was planned and ready to go.

  10. Something that I did not see (or missed outright) in the “What Counts as a Corona Virus Death” thread was that many of these patients are dying without being treated. My LARGE hospital network also strongly affiliated with the VA has the inpatient hospice serve see the admitted patients the moment they test positive to talk them out of aggressive treatment because “they will likely die anyway.” This includes some healthy patients as well. I got into some real knock-down drag fights over that and will likely be seen by the Hospital’s disciplinary committee. But I know that they know this virus AT THIS TIME is no where near as bad as the MSM is saying because of the sheer lack of numbers we are seeing (10 patients total). PRAY for this country and for Trump.

  11. I am in Jefferson County New York State…population about 110,000..
    We have 26 confirmed cases since this started and NONE hospitalized…

  12. Everyone will have had enough and the truth will start sinking in by the end of April. If I were a betting girl, I’d say this will have started fading out by the end of April.

    The question is now, what will the fascist dems and commie media come up with next?

  13. @jellybean April 5, 2020 at 2:10 pm

    > Just wait until they kill the internet……

    We’ll always have…

    What? Oh. Never mind.

  14. Compare the proclaimed corona numbers with the (no longer reported) seasonal flu numbers and you’ll start to realize there is something going on that is larger, maybe much larger, than a relatively mild and somewhat contagious disease.

    Step back and look at the larger picture and what do you see?

  15. Hoo Hoo Nay Nay
    APRIL 5, 2020 AT 1:50 PM

    “So some shady hospices are firing their staff to maximize their profits.”

    …I’ve seen quite a few, more than I ever wanted to.

    I’ve yet to see a NON-shady one.

  16. Ref- “> Just wait until they kill the internet……” Not out of the question. If the demons will do this to support an ideology, they will certainly stop at nothing. Bullets and garden seeds are the currency of the future. You guys had better scrounge both. Ever tried to make love to a hungry woman? Texson

  17. My FIL Passed this past Wendesday (Not from virus) We had the Funeral Yesterday. They “allowed” us 10 people including the Director & Priest. Just wanted to mention that @ the Emergency
    Hospital, It was Empty. Just last Fall it was packed with patients waiting everywhere.He had to wait for a bed.
    at the Burial we were instructed to not touch the casket.
    There was some crying and He relented an said the workers would wipe it down. We did, to say a proper goodby.
    RIP Sweet man. We did manage a Floral arrangement. They are all closed.They never did wipe it down.

  18. A phlebotomist friend in Boston says his hospital is empty because no regular business is being conducting. Medical personnel are being sent home. He expects the hospital to take a major financial hit because all regular work – scans, tests, surgeries – have been cancelled. He is concerned about losing his job. Wouldn’t you think a phlebotomist would be busier than BFH with this virus?

    When my staples were removed at a branch of the Cleveland Clinic the place was deserted. I saw 2 other patients before the Doc called me and after saw a child with her mother. The place was filled with loitering hospital personnel.
    The virus hit while I was still in the hospital and I saw nothing different.

    A friend’s daughter works in a cardiac clinic at the Mayo Clinic and other than fewer N95 masks it has been business as usual for her.

  19. I said yesterday our county allegedly spiked on 03/19 and as of Friday we are zero cases. Still under a more stringent DeWhiner lockdown even though most counties in Ohio spiked on 03/19 and then dropped like a rock. The 2 who died in our county were age 85 and 89 in a nursing home. No one else in the home became ill.

    My friends with small businesses, mostly restaurants, are really hurting. We’re trying to get carry out at least 2 times a week but that isn’t going to keep them in business. So many count on business from lunch time blue collar workers.

    And another thing back in November I had an upper respiratory infection picked up in the Doc’s office. It lingered for weeks. My Doc is now wondering if we didn’t already have some Corona and it was no big deal. He wants to see if some in his practice can get the antibody test. He isn’t buying into all the doom and gloom.

  20. One stand alone ER in VA closing temporarily on Wednesday due to lack of business. Nurses, docs, and techs losing hours/ shifts. Where is the crush? Who would believe hospitals would close during a pandemic? Nuts

  21. “Step back and look at the larger picture and what do you see?”

    I see ass bastard crazy people trying to goad everyone into a state of hysteria and violence.

  22. So what is it going to take to get the craziness over?
    How about each of us rally at our respective State Capital?
    What day should we pick?
    How about if this isn’t over by April 15th we “Storm The Capital”?
    Enough is enough and if they won’t “allow it to be over” then we tell them who’s boss.
    Time for reminding is over!!!

  23. I must have been in a coma for 70 years. It is 1950 all over again. The Press is telling “Ugly American” lies as “news”

    the more things change; the more….

    When the MSM stops hating Americans THAT WILL BE REAL NEWS!

  24. I know people from several of the larger hospitals in my area.
    All report extremely low census numbers.
    – Lower than Christmastime.
    And we’ve had 12 virus deaths out of multiple millions of people.
    A big nothing.

  25. these agencies are going to have one hell of a time hiring anyone after these shenanigans.

    What makes you think they’ll let this end?

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