For Every Viewer of CNN There Are 90 Customers Paying For It

John Nolte points out the ludicrous arrangement that allows cable and satellite companies to soak the majority of their subscribers in order to prop up the failing news network, CNN. “It is called a carriage fee, and every month you subsidize this hate network to the tune of about $1.00 a month, or around $12.00 a year.”

This protects CNN’s radical, fake and bias programing from any objection from those forced to pay for it. “Cable TV is a sewer pipe that you pay for the privilege of having pumped directly into your home, and CNN is the disease in all that filth that 89 million suckers keep right on subsidizing.”


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  1. Cable and satellite television are filled with garbage programming you must pay for to watch a few channels worthy of your time for information or entertainment.
    When you have a monopoly with few competitors you can force the subscribers to pay for useless entertainment and programming.

  2. I cut the cord almost 2 years ago. Don’t miss it. I listen to President Trump’s speeches streaming online for free.

  3. I cut the cord about 1.5 years ago, and use Philo now. About $20/month. Not quite as convenient as a DVR, but I don’t support ESPN or CNN anymore. (BFH – If this seems like spam because I mention a service, please delete or edit)

  4. I ditched the satellite dish and the cable.

    The kids put Hulu, Roku, Netflix etc. on the teewee when they visited for their movies and shows (which I very rarely watch.)

    A tad inconvenient, but most of what I ever watched is available on-line. The only time I missed the tube was election night when I wished I could still flip back and forth to see what they all were doing and saying. But it wasn’t worth the $1400 a year cable was costing me in order to have Fox on in the background. (And Fox has tanked a lot of late, too.)

  5. I haven’t had television since the 1980’s, but got one for the kids to watch and hooked it up to Directv and… those bastards didn’t know what they were going up against when they tried screwing w/me. Bottom line is we tried it for three days and told them: It isn’t for us, turn it off, disconnect it, whatever and had State law behind them not being able to charge a dime.

    State Law in Washington State means nothing to the bastards though because the State Attorney General gets campaign money from Directv and ATT and as such his staff is not allowed to do a Goddamned thing to stop these crooks (I talked to a former employee of the State Attorney General’s Office who clued me in on why nothing would be done.)

    OK fine, if that is the way you want to play…

    Hello Costco, yea I would like to talk to you about the business practices of one of the companies you have doing business…..

  6. Got rid of it about 5 years ago for this very reason. I told the rep exactly why: I’m not paying for channels and programming that are actively trying to undermine my family, nation, and values. Her response was “I could offer you the same package with some movie channels blah blah.”

  7. The best way to handle the interconnected, seditious, treasonous, communist MSM, is to expel them from your life.
    Don’t watch, don’t listen, don’t pay for or patronize ANYTHING owned by, or connected to, them. You will be better off and so will your kids. Paying for shit doesn’t make it smell any better.

  8. I have RidePass subscription and get the PBR bull riding on a Samsung I got at Costco for $169 my nephew gave me a chrome caster and the Samsung catches the PBR out of the wifi and puts it in the air and the chrome caster gets it out of the air and puts it on the 55 inch television and it will also put the YouTubes up on the TV. The kids go to library and get disks w/their movies once a week so they have something to fight over. And they have a Netflick, but I don’t know how much they use that any more. I also have a subscription to Lucas Oil so I can get clay oval sprint car racing and the Saamsung puts it in the air for the chrome caster to get and put in the television that is all I need.

  9. I semi-cut, have the local channels and pay $12/month for Hulu. There is still way more than I can watch, and I don’t look for news on TV unless there is a fire or earthquake.

  10. Seriously wonder how long CNN would last if the satellite companies went a la carte?

  11. Back when Al Gore sold his failed channel to Al Jazers is when I cut the cord. I have not looked back.

    Starve the beast!

  12. Screw the criminals that run Cable TV. They enjoy a government sponsored monopoly.

    And screw anyone that pays for that crap. The Kardashians and the other programming that poisons America’s weak minds is on YOU.

  13. Cost me about $300 for antenna, rotor and Inch and half galvanized pipe. Thirty Eight channels. Good enough.

  14. Somebody more tech savy than me needs to put up a petition to Comcast, Spectrum and AT&T to drop CNN or we all cut the cord.

  15. August 2012 was the last time I had cable tv.

    Mildly surprised when I recently saw what was offered on Netflix. So many of the new shows are just variations on a few themes, mostly apocalypses and demonic crap. None of the new stuff even sounded good. Much less any redeeming value. I can see how we are turning out morons enmasse if that is what keeps their attention now.

  16. Tried cable TV in the pre internet 80’s when I
    was working FD shifts. Figured there would always
    be a movie to watch when I wanted to see it.
    Got the same 6 movies over and over for a month.
    Pulled it out and never looked back.
    Now I’m told it’s full of commercials and worse
    crap like CNN. No thanks.


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