For Leftist Revolutionaries Biden is a Useful Racist

Townhall- When driving through the Yukon to Alaska (something I’ve been blessed to do several times), there are many rocky roads. Experience taught me it’s better to change out worn tires instead of pushing your vehicle off a cliff. Metaphorically speaking, this is what’s at the core of the political divide in America.

On one side, you have fair-minded folks who cling to God and the U.S. Constitution, love their families, obey laws, and pay taxes. Because they are conservative, they repair what’s broken before throwing it away.

On the other side, there’s a microscopic minority with a mob mentality. They have lots of power–not because they deserve it, but rather, they weaseled themselves into places of prominence–in nearly every American institution–without revealing their real ideology. Tearing down statues is just a more visual example of what they’ve been up to for decades.

They want a new vehicle. And they are using their supposed newfound, come-to-Jesus-moment wokeness as a trojan horse to usher in a Nicolas Maduro-style, plow-over-dissenters-with-tanks cultural revolution. 


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  1. Biden is a place holder. He is just there until he is replaced by a “saviour” whom the DNC does not want there to be enough time to scrutinize.

    The other possibility is that Biden is a marionette.

  2. I compare the sentiment here to the Cleveland Browns’ experience with head coach Marty Schottenheimer.
    Yeah, Marty took the Browns to the playoffs every year. Like 6 for 6.
    Even took them to the AFC championship twice.
    But didn’t get them to the Super Bowl.
    Cleveland chased Schottenheimer out of town.
    We can get better, they thought.
    The Browns haven’t made the playoffs in the dozens of years since.
    Moral of the story: be careful of replacing a very very good leader, even though they are imperfect.
    Truly great leaders are extremely rare.
    (And no Democrats are ever very good leaders.)

  3. Can anyone tell me why the US Navy has an aircraft carrier named after an avowed segregationist in the USS John C Stennis CVN 74? I just don’t get it, why aren’t some of the woke crowd going after this as another symbol of white supremacy. Even I an old carrier guy from the Vietnam era think that is an inappropriate name for an aircraft carrier. What lunkhead in the Navy named a carrier after Sen. Stennis, democrat from Mississippi.

  4. It is nice to know of several useful functions, he can be a floor mat or a wind breaker. He does that several times daily without formal requests.

  5. Biden may be a useful racist, but more importantly, he is a useful idiot. He’s an empty vessel, as in, there’s nothing left in his skull anymore. He’s a conduit through which his Marxist/communist handlers will implement their agenda.

  6. @stirrin the pot, my thoughts exactly. An empty vessel waiting to be filled with the liberal progressive agenda and fed to the masses.

  7. Their comedic hypocracy aside, it doesnt matter who runs as a democrat: it is the new Nazi party. Biden is just a puppet.

  8. Joe Biden has ALWAYS been an IDIOT.

    Whether he was useful is debatable.


    He has always been an IDIOT !

  9. The RATz don’t have a candidate.
    They have an agenda and its acronym is: B.I.D.E.N.

    Ever nominated

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