For Mixed Martial Arts Fans

It use to be kids learned karate, then it was kung fu, followed by kick boxing were all the rage. Now they’re into MMA style beat downs.



Still, you have give some credit to a Bully who gets his ass beat and still acts like he wants more of the same.

 No detail on where this happened, but those school grounds looks oddly familiar.


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  1. love mma

    knew the grandmaster of eskrima, gilbert tenio

    he taught in stockton ca

    was mugged by several obamasons while walking home one night from his studio

    the obamasons ended up in the hospital wanting to press charges

    favorite quote from the report was “we don’t know what it was, seemed like some kind of animal”

  2. I love BJJ and Filipino Kali/Western boxing combined. My instructions to my boys when faced with violent bullies is to take them to the ground and to not stop pounding them until someone physically stops you.

    My eldest son at age 10 fought off 4 brothers (9,11,12,14) who pushed him to the ground and “wanted to fight”, he left all 4 of them on the deck when he left. No word of exaggeration. He came home rather muddy, told his mom and I and received two high-fives from us…he was not bothered by them again. (He used Kali blocks, followed by boxing combinations and the almighty judo hip-throw).

    What is so awesome is that he is the one who protects the girls, smaller kids and the autistic boy in his class…no one touches his friends without consequences. Great warrior heart with a “serve others” ethos. He never looks for trouble but will answer the bell if anyone tries to hurt another.

  3. I’ve have a little experience at this. Hard to fight multiple targets when you are on the ground. And I’m a wrestler saying that. Last place you want to be is low and static with multiple targets. Been there, done that. Anybody that’s saying ground and pound with more than one hasn’t met Mike Brazos.

  4. @: BC is full of pussies, just like Seattle and Portland and SFO, however, there are some of us who don’t subscribe to the Progressive ideology and are raising our families to stand up for what’s right, regardless. My oldest son has wanted to join the Special Forces since he was 3 with no wavering on his desire. His goal is JTF2, which entails 3 years of infantry before you can try out…I have no doubt he will make it.

  5. This iis all wanna be bad ass shit and it’s not that easy. And you learn it through scars, if you lucky.


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