For the first time Conservatives actually have their requested OFF-RAMP from Obamacare

New Ted Cruz-like amendment to the Senate Better Care Reconciliation Act literally changes EVERYTHING.

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  1. I’ve said it here before and received zero Likes, but I think this Senate offering is the best deal we will ever get, and it really ain’t too bad.

  2. Until they pass something I just won’t believe many Republicans actually desire to do anything to ObamaCare other than give the same lip service they have for 7 years about wanting to repeal but happily settling for just minor tweaks to the most damaging parts that do little to stop the spiraling costs. Too paralyzed with fear of the media fall out, angering donors or unwilling to feel like they are helping to move the Trump agenda forward. Pretty pathetic.

  3. It is the best deal that we are going to get from the backstabbing Republicans! Just remember that when you vote again!

  4. Just codifies the working, paying insured are paying for the slackers.
    There will never be lower premiums for any group/class as long as the gov’t requires insurance companies to pay out for the high risk non participants.
    Bait and switch. 2 card monty.

  5. We were promised Repeal and Replace.
    I don’t want Obama to have the satisfaction of his name on any part of the bill.
    Aside from that, the government has no business in our healthcare.
    I don’t trust a single person in congress or the senate to draft any bill that serves the people of this country.
    Return to our old method with improvements like crossing state lines to keep it competitive.

  6. Lets see if McConnell can provide any leadership at all.
    Review the votes on this and identify all the RINOs who vote against this measure in the Senate.

    No it isn’t a repeal, like all the candidates promised at election time, but it does get the ball rolling in the right direction.

    Will McCain have another blood clot to cover for McCONnel’s inability to lead?

  7. @Mr. Anth Ropy:
    1. I fear you are right in that this is the “best” deal we’ll see for the moment.
    2. Sorry, but it really is that bad. It’s terrible.

    OK, OK, I suppose there’s something to be said for having the guy who’s been kicking you in the face AND in the nuts offer to stop kicking you in the nuts.

  8. There will be On Obamacare, Off Obama care, Medicare, the VA, and medicaid.

    Taxes on medical equipment gone?
    Tax penalty for no insurance gone?

    Will all federal & state politicians, judges, employees be included?

  9. C. Steven was on the Stephanie Trussell program last night in Chicago. He really knows how to break this ins stuff down for us plebeians. Thanks
    C. Steven.

  10. Mike Lee and Jerry Moran just announced they will vote against it. It’s dead. The only option I see is just repeal it. Replace it later and get some Dem support.

  11. Plain Jane

    My understanding, and I could be wrong, is that everyone except the Medicaid 3 is in favor of a straight repeal. Add Pence and that would do it. Bottom line these losers have had 8 years to get their shit together. All these bastards need primaried and replace them with Tea Party people. They all suck. I read an article today that was saying the problem is they all hate each other to the point that they won’t work together on anything. The Medicaid idiots need to leave or join the Dem party.

  12. Bullshit. Anything based upon that crappy obamacare is still 💩.

    I’m not buying the BS line that it is so hard to REPEAL the damn thing! The a$$wipe GOP has the majority in both houses and the executive branch. They sent HOW MANY repeals to that faux president’s desk?? Jacka$$es. And that makes each voter a bigger fool.

    The damn democRATS passed the damn obamacare without a SINGLE re-puke-blican signing it and a shrill house leader saying the most horrifying thing- ‘you have to pass it to know what’s in it’.

    COME ON NOW! If looney tunes and her senate compatriot in dirty dealing, rotten Harry Reid can pass that syphilitic piece of Swiss cheese, obamacare, why the hell is congress messing around? Drop the Damn useless ‘investigations.

  13. Mighty Mojo

    I assume you know this, but I need to shake my head everytime I see some one type it. A majority is NOT enough.

  14. I just heard Mike Lee call in to Levin (rerun on Chicago market). At this point, I’m ready to let the whole thing explode.


    1. Healthcare workers are SALARY CAPPED. No rock-star salaries.
    2. Lawsuits take YEARS before they are heard by the courts.-better settle, cuz they don’t award lottery winnings. Fair market value.
    3. Specialists have small clinics literally everywhere. Just in your neighborhood, you can see 3 or 4 different E.N.T. doctors. No hospitals, no large clinics.
    4. Basic health insurance plans start out $75 / month and go up.
    5. Government co-pay is 50%.

    They are a VERY Capitalistic society, except when it comes to medicine. They are a lot more socialist, but they don’t seem to mind. Healthcare is considered more of a RIGHT that is protected by government rules and intervention.

  16. I’m certain the brunt of blame will be placed on PDJT’ s shoulders for not ‘making good’ on a campaign promise.

    Look at it this way: PDJT is not ‘the legislative branch’. He had to leave it to Congress to come up with a new bill. He urged REPEAL, but Congress decided to futz and futz with just shuffling Ocare paragraphs causing further confusion. McConnell is not the man to head up this process–nor is Ryan, for that matter.

    PDJT has been pressing the Senate to get it done…I think he’s known all along they are incapable of figuring out much of anything when they have to keep up with his pace. They are so used to SLOW as their operating speed, because accomplishing this is so ‘foreign’ to their ways…ie lots of yak-yak, NO action.

    Perhaps PDJT will allow Ocare to finally collapse in on itself, so the whole insurance biz can start with ‘fresh’ ideas–from somewhere else than a do-nothing Congress!!!

  17. I liked President Trumps tweet tonight about repeal now and worry about replace later. Spot on Mr. President!

  18. Erase that pigs name from our history, every act, directive, law and otherwise. Every school, government building, road, etc. Blot out this filthy name and make it a crime to mutter.

  19. @Brad_Brad

    When congress stops telling us that their piece of work(?) a ‘REPEAL and replace bill’, I will stop calling them out for having a ‘majority’.

    The democRATS don’t have to do much more than whatch the GOP Congressional Stooges eating themselves.

    The re-puke-blican congressional members are the epitome of incompetence! How many re-puke-blican lead investigation committees have been successfully completed? Witnesses have absolutely no respect, and refuse to join the circus. What a joke.

  20. obamacare is replete with non-healthcare laws and taxes whose purpose was to burden decent law-abiding, work-ethic, tax payers. IOW, it punishes citizens and makes the world as we knew it, gone.

    That the republicants are so constipated about trashing this law, says they are ok with obama’s trashing of America. Alll senators deserve crippling punishment.


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