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For the Love of Jeb

Super Moderate Jeb Bush plays out his compassionate scamnesty logic with the help of Hard Left scambag, Harry Reid. If Jeb had been on the Titanic, I’m sure he would have been eager to work with the iceberg, to get things done. –Dale



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  1. Never forget, that sk&nk, D. Feinstein released confidential info about Ramirez, (shoes) which probably allowed him to evade capture and murder more innocent victims. Many thought she should have shared a cell with him. There is a special circle down below waiting for her.

  2. Graphics like that are why being conservative is the only way to politically fly.


  3. I liked him as Governor, when compared to the democrats preceding him and the flipflopper then RINO now democrat Charlie Crist who followed.
    However, it appears his Mexican wife has had a lot of influence on him.
    Listen to Mamma Bush – don’t run, John Ellis Bush, a/k/a JEB!

  4. Dale is a master illustrator and as usual, the devil is in the details.

    Besides the pentagram, note the folksy “family” on his lapel, as well as his “tie”.

  5. *Thanks*, Anonymous…whenever we need info from the McCain/Romney RINO Camp, we’ll know where to go.

    Bush was an Statist Idiot as Governor.
    CITIZENS INSURANCE ring a bell?!?

  6. Ol’ Jeb spreading his “act of love” mentality to all crooks and scoundrels everywhere.

    I seem to remember that Fur used to post Dale’s work fairly regularly in the past, but that there was a cost associated with doing so. So he stopped posting.

    I don’t know, maybe I’m making that up.

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