For the Record- No Doubt Idiot Guy Plowed Into People On Purpose

He was marching in the crowd with the alleged white supremacists, protesting Antifa.

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  1. I actually watched a lot of the live feed footage from both Friday night and Saturday. And my take is that it is a total shit-show. It’s basically antifa/blm vs. anti-antifa. The latter being Trump supporters who are white supremacist/Jew hating idiots (not by Trump’s wanting). And the former are the far-left ideologues. There was nothing there representing what the typical visitor to this site would support

  2. They are trying to start a race war.
    When it comes they will lose to those who want law and order, and are willing to enforce it on a local level

  3. Sorry if I have no pity for the subversives injured and killed. Outrageous behavior from these marxist pukes has been in full bloom since jug ears took office. I have no empathy for the neonazi’s but the truth is I’d like to see more of this. I’m at the point where I’m just sick of them.

  4. The left are NOT Anti – Fascist. They are FASCIST. And ANYONE could have joined the initial rally PRETENDING to support that perspective…then behaved badly to discredit it. The left have been doing this for a long time. They would show up at Tea Parties with racist signs, and try to look like they belonged. The whole thing needs to be investigated. Find out who everyone was… you can be sure that Globalists had paid stooges in the melee.

  5. It Was on Purpose, so no Doubt about That ! But Was He Really With Them Or Just Making A Photo Op ? I’m Not Looking to Make an Exuse for these Freaks, Just Wondering Who Tried to Create a Race War !!!

  6. The seeds of dissention, division and racism Obama planted and nurtured took root and has matured into the progressive/socialist anarchy just as he planned.

    Obama may not be president, but his community organizing, social/justice mentality (resist) grows with the assistance and funding of the likes of Soros, Democrat leaders and other anti-American socialists and communists.

    I have no sympathy for those who are the fruit of Obama’s seed of anarchist destruction.

  7. Now we are going to have to look at this puke’s face on a daily basis as the lefttard media makes him a poster boy for Trump and tries to lump all Trump supporters in the neonazi camp.

    Also, on Reddit, some are saying that the alt-right protest effort was funded by George Schwartz (Soros), as was the BLM and anti-fascist fascist counter-protest. In other words, the whole thing might have been a puppet show. Except now a person is dead because of it.

  8. PRO TIP:
    Don’t want to be killed? Don’t show up to a rally you already know is going to be a shit-show especially if your intent is to engage in physical confrontation with those who are your ideological opposites. You’re only asking for trouble and you get what you deserve. Will Soros be paying for the funeral and medical expenses for those people he shipped in? I doubt it.

  9. I’ve only been able to halfway follow this due to work. Last I knew, there is a different guy with facial hair driving the vehicle as captured in a screenshot.

    What’s the deal?

  10. Soros? I dunno. He seems kinda like a phantom.

    Seems to me McOffaliffe was more at fault for this $#!+storm.

    Where were all these people on 8 July when the real Supremacists had their rally? If we have trouble in the yard, we need to look in the back yard.

  11. The left got the incident that they were hoping and praying to Satan for (and paying for)! Add the white guy shooting up the black church and they are now ecstatically happy to be able to go full tilt no holds barred against the white American majority and the Republican form of government (Constitution)!

  12. The sad thing is that we may never truly know what motivated this guy. Also, it’s unfair to malign or smear a whole group of people by this one, probably mentally ill, person’s actions.

    That is the rote response for the too many to count incidences of Islamic Terrorism isn’t it?

  13. The question no one is asking is who bused in all the Antifa/BLM assholes? Also, why were the police told to stand down after the whites were told to disperse and did?

    Seems to me, the intended result was achieved, all in an attempt to paint the right and the pseudo-right as racists while ignoring the criminality of the left.

    I put up a post on this yesterday when the story broke.

  14. But we’re not supposed to brand everyone because of the actions of one person – isn’t that what the left tells us?

    Obama and Jarrett are asking “What took so long?”

  15. Notice how because he’s white his name, face, and where he’s from are already plastered all over the place? One of the medias protected darlings (blacks, muslims) would have been enjoying a media lack of information for days before an ID was released.

  16. The aftermath is also a shit show. Trump included ‘Everyone’ and the news outlets wanted him to only blame the white supremacists.( total bullshit, it takes two you know ).
    Meanwhile, the lily-assed Governor is telling the ‘Whites’ to go home.. so, what that means is…Either:
    1.) He hates his own race and deserves to be impeached.
    2.) He’s more concerned about all the damage the angry negros will do.
    So, exactly how do you become an effective governor when your that big of a pussy?

  17. Running into a crowd of people in a car isn’t any different than spraying them with a machine gun. The intent was to kill and I hope he gets the death sentence.

    What you think or believe, even if it is detestable, shouldn’t get you killed.

  18. Hardnox thinks perhaps the alleged perp was anti-Trump Jim Fields III, but that one shows Cincinnati at his Linked IN and it clearly looks like the same Jim Fields. The alleged perp is supposed to be from Maumee, suburb of Toledo.

  19. The Lefties showed up looking to start a fight and stop other people from speaking, like they always do. This time, it bit them in the ass. Looks like people on the right have finally gotten tired of getting punched and not punching back.

    What can I say, Libtards? Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    I will be showing the exact same level of concern I’ve seen out of the Left for the last year or so, when Right-wingers get attacked at rallys: NONE AT ALL.

    During the Obama years we had nice, civil, peaceful, Right-wing rallys, full of polite people who left the areas cleaner than they were when they arrived. What did that get us? Years worth of news stories about how Tea-Partiers were the spawn of Satan.

    It seems the activists on the Right have finally started reading the Left’s playbook.

    Does anyone here KNOW (as in conformed fact) that this guy was on the “Right”? This is a tactic the Left CONSTANTLY has used, blaming the Right before they know. Anyone searched his political associations?

    Those photos from Daily Mail seem to prove the opposite, in my eye (i.e. the guy in the “White Supremacist” photo barely has any resemblance with the arrested guy’s face, the propportions are all wrong).

    I also agree with Ted Nougat above, in that 2 reports I saw earlier today showed a still of the photo with a bearded guy at the wheel.

    It makes me sick to see people on the Right jump to such conclusions…when all of this STINKS because it reminds me of all the Leftist attacks on Trump supporters during the election, which the media repeatedly blamed on the Right.

  21. And at the center is the move to remove Civil War statues
    and the Confederate battle flag from society. Since when do we alter history by denying its existence. The Civil War was about a lot more than just slavery but then it’s hard to add factual history classes into a liberal progressive curriculum.
    Just look at the states lining up to take down the monuments.
    Civil War indeed.

  22. Occupy, BLM, “antifa”, SPLC, CAIR etc. are parts of a vast left-wing conspiracy. Supported by the mainstream media, well funded, with roots in academia it has managed to control the news, and meanwhile has infiltrated the Gov’t at all levels.
    Without a doubt this subversive movement is gaining traction and becoming bolder and more violent.

    But who is pulling the strings? The Illuminati? Freemasons? the Rothschilds? Dr Evil? Hank Scorpio?

    Or just some reclusive billionaire with dementia?

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