For those that care and want to discuss – Cuba Gooding Jr.

The affirmative action Oscar winner (he’s horrendous) has been accused of groping and was arrested.

I watched the video. It doesn’t look any worse than Joe Biden’s groping and he’s not in cuffs, he’s the dem frontrunner for president.

Looks like a lot of groping, including the guys, going on.


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  1. Yea I care,I was the first victim
    of affirmative dumbass action in 1976.

  2. Wow! If that hand grazing the thigh is a crime, I have been a Victim since I was 12 years old!
    I think that chubby checker in the too short, shorts ensemble is desperate for attention.

  3. It looked like a groper convention with all the pawing going on. It appears like an attempt to cash in on an incidental and harmless brush against the heifer.
    But your right, he’s a second rate actor who got where he is by being black at the right time.
    I miss the old days when people would line up around theaters to see the stars who actually had broad appeal.

  4. I don’t know about the clarity of the video but it appeared “she” was wearing a dress and his hand was on her upper thigh area? If it were me and I felt uncomfortable about that (and believe me I have been there) I would simply move back a bit or lift his hand off with a joke, if it were innocent enough, or a straight talk a no-no don’t touch comment. It was hardly a molestation. And believe again, I know the difference, been there.

  5. He’s guilty as Hell of being a celebrity in a bar with a person who is looking for a piece of him. Everybody plays the fool sometime.

  6. I see Cuba being surrounded by drunk people. Never a good thing.

    If the hand on the thigh was the offense, I never saw her move his hand away. Also, a true offense would have her leave the scene. It actually looked like Cuba was stopping drunk guy from putting hands on 2nd woman.

    If some guy put his hand on my girl’s thigh and she didn’t move it away or immediately protest in some way to stop it – I would have issues with her, not him. He’s one of billions that would try it, it’s up to her to defend herself when I’m not around. She’s the only one I have an agreement with.

    Grifter, she is.

    @ livinthecovelife JUNE 15, 2019 AT 3:16 PM

    You understand what I’m talking about, and I am with you on your take on this.

  7. @Dadof4 June 15, 2019 at 4:32 pm –
    Thanks. We ladies need to pay attention and protect ourselves in and from many situations in this life.

  8. Woman like the accuser make me feel sick.
    Molestation and sexual assault are not just some sort of light touching or something.
    If she didn’t like him touching she needed to move back or grab his hand. She did neither.
    Joe Biden did far worse, and to children, and he’s somehow fine???
    I don’t understand.

  9. The accuser is on the other side of who I think has been identified as his wife or girlfriend. He’s resting his arm on his mate.
    As he leans on the wife or girlfriend, Gooding seems to be touching the accuser’s thigh, then hand before he lifts her hand to kiss it. He then lingers before getting distracted by the guy who steps over to greet him.

    Not seeing any groping, just a bunch of tipsy party guests, especially Gooding.
    Gooding acts wacko most of the time, but he’s being, MeToo’d. Not that he probably doesn’t deserve it. More than likely scandal will only boost his Hollyweird career.

    BTW, his father died under the influence; .
    His brother, Omar stars in a family comedy on Bounce TV. He seems like a stable nice guy.


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