Ford Adding 500 American Jobs to Chicago Manufacturing Plants


Ford Motor Company is planning to add about 500 additional American jobs to its manufacturing plants in the Chicago metro area, executives have announced.

The multinational automaker is expected to invest about $1 billion in its Chicago, Illinois, manufacturing plants, a move that will result in 500 additional jobs at its facilities, CNBC notes:

The move will add 500 jobs at Ford’s Chicago-area Assembly and Stamping plants, bringing the total number of employees at the two factories to 5,800, the company said Thursday. Ford is building a new body shop and paint shop at the assembly plants and plans to make major changes to the final assembly area. The company also plans to install some new manufacturing technology, including 3D-printing tools and robots. [Emphasis added]

The United Auto Workers (UAW) union praised the announcement by Ford, calling it a “testament to the quality and hard work” of Ford’s union workers.

“Every day UAW Ford members head to work, proud of the products they build and the craftsmanship required in vehicles like the Explorer, Aviator and Police Interceptor,” Vice President of the UAW Ford Department Rory Gamble said in a statement.

“Ford’s investment announcement demonstrates a commitment to the dedication of UAW members in Chicago,” Gamble said.  read more

9 Comments on Ford Adding 500 American Jobs to Chicago Manufacturing Plants

  1. Dumb idea. Why does any business expand into one of the most heavily taxed and regulated corruptocracies in the country. Other than there is a gun to their head for leaving.

    Other than bribing the UAW or some tax benefit to existing facilities.

    Companies like Caterpillar have been reducing their Ilinois workforce for years but recently moved their C-suites from Peoria to outside of Chicago.

    I guess it makes sense to be closer to the evac zone in Saigon when the position gets overrun by Chi(town)-coms.

  2. I don’t know why they’d do it in Chicago, but it’s still better than GM who fired Americans to bring in immigrants.

  3. Note that the article (and the articles from which it is based) are awfully silent on exactly WHICH plants are affected. The weasel word here is “area”: “add 500 jobs at Ford’s Chicago-area Assembly and Stamping plants”

    The south side of Chicago is on the border with Indiana, and the northwest corner of Indiana, known as “The Region”, is considered part of the “Chicago area”.

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