Ford to Cut 10% of White Collar Jobs as Part of Global Restructuring

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DETROIT—Ford Motor Co said on May 20 that it will eliminate about 10% of its global salaried workforce, cutting about 7,000 jobs by the end of August as part of its larger restructuring in a move that will save the No. 2 automaker $600 million annually.

Ford Chief Executive Officer Jim Hackett said in an email to employees that the cuts include both voluntary buyouts and layoffs, and a spokesman added it freezes open positions as well. About 2,300 of the affected people are employed in the United States, the spokesman said.

“To succeed in our competitive industry, and position Ford to win in a fast-changing future, we must reduce bureaucracy, empower managers, speed decision making, focus on the most valuable work and cut costs,” Hackett said in the email.  more here

4 Comments on Ford to Cut 10% of White Collar Jobs as Part of Global Restructuring

  1. Insiders say morale at Ford is dismal. Hackett is focusing on autonomous and electric cars. Huge gamble. If Ford goes belly up a lot of good folks lose their retirements.

  2. Most big companies could stand to thin out their middle management ranks. The only reason to have so many middle managers is to make sure that s*** only goes one way by insulating upper management from the consequences of their stupid policies.

  3. Ford has been fucking up since at least 1996. They got rid of the venerable 4.9 and mid-level trucks that hundreds of thousands of people relied upon. They punked out the 250 series diesels with bullshit millennial and mid-life-crisis wanker’s wants. They seriously fucked up even before 1996 with the shitbomb 351 Windsors. And then, post 1996, they had reams of other shitty 8 cylinder petrol craptastic shitbombs.

    The world is still run by working people. Working people want seats, and a steering wheel, and a fucking 5 speed, or 6 speed, manual transmission.

    Cater to the wanker class all you want, but you forgot where your clout came from.


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