Fordham Burdens Itself with 87 Different Anti-bias Programs

The private Jesuit university in Manhattan and the Bronx started an “Action Against Bias” initiative in 2014 that has blossomed into 87 different events, programs and mandates, that now occupy an increasing amount of time from staff and students.


I hope for the sake of higher education this excess is a exception and not a rule.

15 Comments on Fordham Burdens Itself with 87 Different Anti-bias Programs

  1. Decent people will stop paying for the university experience soon enough.

    There will be a day soon where employers will actually look downward on the college educated and not hire them.

  2. Having grown up about a mile from Georgetown university, I sorta stopped reading after “The private Jesuit university…”

  3. When do we get some classes?
    – How to deal with snowflakes that whine and protest about trivialities
    – How to respond to transgenders hassling you for using the wrong pronoun (in their opinion)
    – How to punish businesses that take political positions against your beliefs
    – etc.

  4. When you try to appease liberals with more and more and more programs, you only get more complaints, more fascism, more tyranny.

    The only people allowed to thrive and have a job are professors who spew back to them what they want to hear. The louder and more radical, means safer job security.

    Get your own angry mob to push policy, or get used to policy pushed by others.

  5. Gotta tell you, Fordham has gone a long way….down. The Fordham Rams have become the Fordham P*ssies. Up the road apiece, is Manhattan College (good Engineering School), run by the Christian Brothers and their sister school, the College of Mt. St. Vincent (great Nursing School), Sisters of Charity. I wonder if they “snowflaked”….

  6. Liberals are becoming more stupid every day. They cannot see the handwriting on the wall. Universities and the educational system are doomed to fail thanks to political correctness and now the new “genders”. Internet education will replace the present system and people will have choices. Eventually it will be free.

  7. As youngsters, we so admired Jesuits, even in schools. Now? I would not let my children or grandchildren anywhere near a Jesuit. Saint Ignatius Loyola has to be crying, even in heaven. Satan has more influence than he does.

  8. Isn’t a dinner for only “students of color” a bias incident? I’m glad I went there many years ago not now. It seems the whole world has gone insane.

  9. So basically, everyone but white heterosexual males now has a license to be a rude, loud, obnoxious dickhead, right? If you criticize someone who is not a white heterosexual male, he/she/it can make your life miserable because you are showing bias based on race, national origin, gender, sexual identity, disability, or perhaps even a bad haircut even though you are only complaining about he/she/it being a rude, loud, obnoxious dickhead.

    The real world doesn’t work that way. If you are unfortunate enough to be a normal human being attending one of these institutions, just shut up, play the game, get a degree that will actually open doors in the future, and realize that the diversity bullshit is both useless and dangerous after graduation.

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