Forensic Audit Aftermath: Top 12 LIES and TRUTHS

The America Project discusses 12 Lies and Truths that have surfaced from the aftermath of the Maricopa County Forensic Audit with Patrick Byrne, Jovan Hutton Pulitzer and Joe Flynn.

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  1. Get a load of this:

    In fact, Burden, founding director of the Elections Research Center and a political science professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, said it’s not uncommon for people with the same name to share not just birth years but actual birthdays. The Arizona report found thousands of people with the same first, middle and last names and birth years.

    So thousands of people in one county, Maricopa, share the exact same first, middle, last name, and birthdates of thousands of others in the same county? So instead of one Clyde Jasper Cruikshank in Maricopa County born on April 1, 1970, there is a second Clyde Jasper Cruikshank in Maricopa County born on April 1, 1970.

    Is this guy Burden living in an alternate universe that is an exact copy of ours? He’s out of his mind. Maybe he listens to some physicists who believe in “multiverses” where somewhere out there is an exact copy of ours, down to another guy with the handle TimBuktu typing out exactly what I typing this very moment. And just like me, he needs to empty his bladder in the next few minutes, just like I will.

    That’s a little segue into the state of modern physics. It sucks real bad, just like the Biden Admin.

  2. Paul Xxxxx Xxxxxx had one simulacrum, and I’ve had one simulacrum who didn’t even have my middle name… not even the first letter of my middle name.

    “You’re the asshole with the miniatures!”

    “What? What the fuck is a miniature? Miniature what?”

    I never sold any miniature shit. I’m not that dude.

    Guy was obviously an asshole.

  3. ALL for naught, ONCE AGAIN. The Political clown merry-go-round just keeps spinning. The only way to stop it is starve it.

    STOP supporting the government, which is for the government and ruled by the government for which the government stands. Not another damn political contribution.

  4. Maybe we should do as some of the countries that our government have been taught ‘democracy’ have done: no ID, just your fingerprint on your ballot.

  5. TimBuktu,
    My maiden name was Smith. I didn’t have a particularly unique first name. I had never met another xxxx Smith, ever.

  6. All anybody has to do is enter his/her complete name into any internet search to see how many others have the same. There are only 3 or 4 in the entire country that have the same exact name. That’s without even trying a match on birth date also which would make it more difficult to find a match.

    My last name is not common so others will find more matches.

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