Forget Facebook, They Want to Revoke Your Access to Banking

Paul Joseph Watson for Summit News-

The biggest threat that social media censorship poses is not you being unable to access Facebook or Twitter, it’s you not being able to get a mortgage or have a bank account.

The end result of Big Tech silencing conservative voices is banks and corporations removing your access to the marketplace and severely restricting your basic right to buy and sell.

We have already seen numerous instances of people being deplatformed by BANKS for the political opinions, from Mastercard telling Patreon to remove Robert Spencer’s account, to Martina Markota and Enrique Tarrio having services terminated by Chase Bank over their support for Trump.

Mastercard also recently indicated that it would hold a vote on whether to cut off payments to “global far-right political leaders”. But this will extend to everyone. Mastercard will ‘monitor’ your financial activity for indications of dissident behavior. That’s chilling.


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  1. Nice building full of servers you got there. Be a shame if some bulldozers drove through it.

  2. I should set up a bank for Conservatives.

    The First Bank of Burr has a nice ring to it.

    “….if at any time, past, present or future, the customer has been discovered to have voted for a democrat, all assets will be seized and the account deleted with no recompense.”

    Man, this could work.

  3. It’s been obvious to rational thinking people the Left has been in full-on anarchy mode, but it is now clear they are making it up as they go along in the hopes they hit on something that will have an effect. (It won’t)

    I say retaliate where it hurts the most – the wallet (or for a lot of them, the man-purse).

  4. And this is how you can have totalitarian conformity and a vibrant free democracy at the same time. Just let the private companies do all the dirty work. After all, it’s a private company in a free society.!

  5. Sounds like the devil’s minions trying to
    institutionalize “the mark of the beast” ;
    it being their seal of approval for you
    to buy or sell. I think we’ve heard this
    somewhere before.

  6. If the First Bank Of Burr issues certificates backed by gold, silver, platinum and other precious minerals such as coffee, chocolate, Irish whiskey and bacon, I’m in.

  7. Personally I’d want to back the bank of Burr with uranium…but I am a man of the people after all so it will most likely be backed with gold.

  8. BFH, but you can’t forget Zuckerberg (!). He’s the one multi-Billionaire Leftist that could make it happen, like in 2024…

  9. So that means Banks open bank accounts for politicians or fund or donate campaign money to ANY politician.
    Yes. Let’s do that. (Dems will die)

  10. Bankers and industrialists have been handmaidens to totalitarian governments before. The best example is Germany in 1932. Those old men who ran the businesses thought they would be able to control Hitler. It turned out the other way around, as the Nazi Party controlled every aspect of life in Germany. When Nazis snapped their fingers, the businessmen jumped.

  11. John
    MAY 6, 2019 AT 7:28 PM
    “Sounds like the devil’s minions trying to institutionalize “the mark of the beast” ;it being their seal of approval for you
    to buy or sell. I think we’ve heard this somewhere before.”


    “16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

    17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”
    -Revelation 13:16-17

  12. John and Supernightshade, I didn’t get here fast enough. I was thinking the same thing. Although, to be honest, I didn’t think it would start this soon.

    Maybe the preppers will have the last laugh after all.

  13. Aaron Burr May 6, 2019 at 7:20 pm

    Just make that an update to your policy after they join you like gangbusters because you promise them 10% 20% interest if they maintain a minimum balance of over $20,000 for one full year.

    Collections officer position open?

    There are going to be failed loans that you made to them at 1% interest – or less, right? Collateral that secured the loans will need collecting and I would enjoy removing assets from libtards. Hoping they put up a fight about it.

  14. “Maybe the preppers will have the last laugh after all.”

    …actually, @Claudia, God will have the last laugh.

    As it also says in Revelation, 19:20 to be exact…

    “And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.”

  15. Dadof4 excellent.

    Although I think the official title is “High Sheriff”.


    If that doesn’t induce gunfire I can’t think of what would.

  16. Supernightshade, agree! I was just thinking about the guff that preppers get from most people. But their laugh really isn’t the ‘last’! God and his Church (all his followers) will laugh for eternity.

    Aaron Burr, I will move all my money into your bank. Just tell us when and where!

  17. @Tim Buktu: …When Nazis snapped their fingers, the businessmen jumped.”

    ibm sure did. They ran one of the first censuses for the nazis, as dehomag, and learned everything they needed about everyone. The rest was easy. They knew who had what and where it and they were. They even tattooed some to make it easier. Punchcards were hitler’s best friend.
    Nowadays, we have fakebook and google doing it. No tattoos, but there is always facial recognition.
    scary but true.

  18. “…were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.”

    Yes, I must say I’d rather be in Warm Springs right about now.

  19. If you haven’t been stashing cash since 1999, you’re going to be SOL. Banks are already limiting ATM withdrawls and are sending reports to the Feds if you withdraw too much from tellers’ windows.

    This sh!t is about to get really real.

  20. Oh man! A title!! I’m in for life now! No pay needed!

    Going to need an anti-viagra type pill with all that going on.

    Wouldn’t be able to walk or bend over as I wreak havoc on the enemy.

  21. @Ann Thracts: And if you’re requesting $100 bills from your bank, they’re watching you closely. (Vee have a complete dossier on you!)

  22. The irony of all this is that if cunts like Zuckerberg, Cook, Brinn, etc manage to banish half the population from participating in the banking system, those motherfuckers will need a private army if they want to avoid becoming human torches.

  23. O.K. I need a board of directors.
    A business summary plan.
    Legal team.

    I can do this offshore for under a million dollars. If I go stateside I have to come up with 30 million in capitol….hmmm. May need to sell a Monet or two….

    The point is, it’s eminently practical and doable.

  24. GET YOUR FILTHY PAWS OFF……ahem… I mean, the gold bullion backing the First National Bank of Burr will be on display in the lobby, under bulletproof glass and guarded by methamphetamine fueled pit bulls and Papal guards from Switzerland.

  25. Don’t forget enticing we depositors of gold, silver, platinum and other precious minerals such as coffee, chocolate, Irish whiskey and bacon!

    Hmmm. Five pounds of premium, center-cut bacon would make a good account opening gift, along with tasty bacon treats in the lobby.

  26. I’m focusing on providing legitimate banking services for companies and individuals that would prefer their business activities not be scrutinized.

    But yeah…..bacon is always a good idea.

    Anyway, board of directors has to pass an FBI background check…this isn’t gonna’ be a stumbling block for anybody besides me, right?

    After that we seek investors or make a public offering. How many mentions on Rushes show would it take to pull in 30 million in backing? Hell, some guy got 100 million for the wall with a gofundme page. How hard can it be to give the people what it wants?

  27. I don’t want to steal the gold, Mr Burr. I just want to touch it from time to time. Bathe in it… naked.

    I’ll protect it unto death. I’ll even wear a beret if thou shalt decree it.

  28. Listen, you want the High Sheriff to flail you nigh unto pulpitude while he displays his raging hard on ?

    Cuz’ this is how you get the High Sheriff to flail you nigh unto pulpitude while he displays his raging hard on.

  29. I…. um….

    Pretty sure the burgundy berets are gay…..

    But the Papal Guard wear these gravy boat looking helmets…not really berets at all…

  30. If you had a 55 gallon drum of Sovereigns… you are telling me you wouldn’t want to touch then? All of them? Naked?

    Something wrong with this dude. 🙂

  31. I’d rather wear a Solah Topee. A pith helmet. And carry my tried and true Lee Enfield, No 4.

  32. Aaron, I’m more concerned about the basis of your certificates at The First Bank of Burr. Are they based on debt (fiat) or wealth (surplus, aka retained earnings)? Say I deposit 50 cases of Jameson Irish Whiskey. It gets better with age, so the asset appreciates in value. Will that be reflected in the value of my certificates? Or will that increased value be siphoned off and guzzled in wild, management cocktail parties and such? Of course, at some point, the asset must be consumed. But who controls that? WHAT KIND OF BANK IS THIS?

  33. Thank you, Big Tech. When people start behaving themselves and stop supporting hate, then they can have their money. Until then, TIME OUT.

  34. Larry, you liberals ain’t nothing BUT hate. I just want to wear a Sola Topee and carry a No. 4 Lee Enfield. And a Webley 455.

    You know, we used to beat your ass. Not like queer like… but we used to beat your ass.

  35. Jimmy, once it’s bottled the aging of whiskey is complete. I recommend you let the Bank of Burr drink heartily. He will let you have what you deserve when the time comes.

  36. Jimmy, if you can’t trust the guy who shot the guy who introduced centralized banking to the US, who can you trust?

    “The First National Bank of Burr. The bank America deserves.”


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