Former Bernie Sanders Spox: ‘Great Deal of Frustration’ over Biden-Harris Ticket

Gray slammed Biden’s choice following his Tuesday announcement, suggesting it was emblematic of “contempt” for the base.

Breitbart: There is a “great deal of frustration” over the Biden-Harris ticket, Briahna Joy Gray, former national press secretary for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), said during a Democracy Now! interview on Wednesday. more here

10 Comments on Former Bernie Sanders Spox: ‘Great Deal of Frustration’ over Biden-Harris Ticket

  1. Hilarious.
    The Bernies hate Biden and everything he does, but Bernie’s out there congratulating biden and not blackamala and trying to talk them up.
    You just know bernie’s sending emails to the bernouts saying,
    STFU!!! You’re in my way!!! lol

  2. One commie is just like another commie.


    In other news, we have entered peak dumbass. A state of Wisconsin agency has ordered everone in the agency to wear a mask when they are on a zoom meeting.

  3. Would Kamala’s Hindu Indian grandmother cross the street if a group of Sikh’s was approaching?….Like a typical Hindu would?….These are the questions I need to know….

  4. I watched Kalamity’s acceptance speech. She actually compared President Trump’s response to the ChiComvirus to the Osmidgen/Obiden Administration’s response to the American Ebola epidemic. Remember that epidemic? That’s the one that should have been contained in the Still Very Dark Continent, but it was racist to not allow some infected Africans to enter this country to rejoin their families living in Texas. Trump caused the deaths of over 160,000 Americans, but Obammy and Obiden held the deaths to only 2 people when Ebola ravaged this country. This is the biggest pair of liars since Hitler and Mussolini got together.

  5. My wife who can’t stand clutter is getting annoyed with me getting ready for November by stockpiling can goods and ammo! Unlike me she can’t see the impending shit storm that’s coming no matter WHO wins this election!

  6. Notblackamala is going to play victim until november and after november when she loses. It’s like biden picked stacey abrams. 🤣

  7. Every media entity and talking head is parroting it and hammering it home.

    “Biden’s choice”

    Only so they can blame the old white guy when they’re landslided into oblivion.

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