Former Bushie Officials: Illegal Aliens ‘Vital to the Future’ of American Economy – IOTW Report

Former Bushie Officials: Illegal Aliens ‘Vital to the Future’ of American Economy


Chuck Conner, Bush’s former agriculture secretary, and Douglas Baker, Bush’s former senior director for border and transportation security policy, lobbied lawmakers to back the Farm Workforce Modernization Act.

The act was an amnesty that would give green cards to as many as 2.1 million illegal aliens who work on United States farms. more

12 Comments on Former Bushie Officials: Illegal Aliens ‘Vital to the Future’ of American Economy

  1. Liars.
    Prove it or STFU.
    Lying to one’s sovereign (We, the People of the United States) must be made a capital offense if we are ever going to curb this particular treason.

    Unless we have 0% unemployment, this is total BULLSHIT and everyone knows it.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Wouldn’t need newcomers if we weren’t killing our own children.

    Step one in killing your own society/country.

  3. Then why weren’t they “vital” to their native countries???? They are only vital to the Dems for their votes!

  4. “Today, 11.7 million Americans remain jobless and nearly five million more are underemployed.”
    To many participation awards, they believe because they have a degree and debt for a useless education, they are to good to flip burgers. THEIR WRONG. That is exactly what your liberal arts degree is worth.
    The Marine Corp trained be to run a broom, mop, and buffer, if “all else fails” I can still find a job.
    I also shoveled a lot of shit growing up, literally, cow, horse, and chicken. Growing up when kids were taught how to work.

  5. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    Uh-huh. Let’s cram a few dozen into his home, and a few hundred into his gated hoity-toity community. Let’s see how “vital” illegal aliens are then.

  6. So, we need to grant amnesty to illegal aliens so they can work on farms while we pay welfare to single mothers whose kids don’t work. Why are we paying people not to work and then importing “cheap” labor?

  7. Vita to politicians who want their votes to keep them elected year after year so politicians can retire rich. Where are American Farmers getting jobs?? BS on BS.

  8. What our betters are saying is,
    rat-people from third world shitholes will be essential as guides when our country is completely trashed to third world shithole status.

    Bushes=obolas-demonrats=GoPees because it’s Us v Them.

    So when the Big Boogaloo is thrust on you, remember, no mercy to those who mercilessly toyed with Us.

  9. Chuck Conner should try and stay current. I just read an article, specific to the San Jauquin valley, that was describing how automated agriculture has become due to the lack of manual labor. They don’t need them anymore. Loved him in the Rifle Man.

  10. Cosmopolitan Bolsheviks hold these (well, “this”) truth to be self-evident. That The Economy(TM) matters. That internationally transferable Wealth(TM), matters. And? Simps nod along.

    When they tell you that diet protein and carbon footprints, mean that cannibal games must be Judeo-Christ’s will — after all, they’re YouTubing bum fights, where the winner Gets(TM) to eat the loser (maybe sharing it with his scruffy, three legged dog… awww!) — so it must be Goddess’ will.

    Maybe, just maybe… when they attack you, you should end their ability to attack you. Rather than wailing, “WhyyyYYY?”

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