Former CIA officer Valerie Plame loses primary competition in New Mexico

Just The News: Former CIA officer Valerie Plame was defeated in her Democratic primary race Tuesday night. She was competing for an open congressional seat representing the third congressional district of New Mexico. 

Plame played upon her history as a former U.S. intelligence operative whose identity was exposed after her diplomat husband disputed U.S. intelligence having to do with the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Plame’s memoir “Fair Game” was been made into a film starring Sean Penn and Naomi Watts.

Teresa Leger Fernandez, a New Mexican attorney, won the party’s nomination and will compete for Representative Ben Ray Luján’s seat, as he runs for retiring Senator Tom Udall’s seat.  more

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  1. Ah yes, New Mexico.The Land of Disenchantment and Disappointment. Blonde Carpetbaggers don’t fare so well in a state where most of the voters never heard of this woman’s greatest claim to fame back in Washington DC. They just weren’t ready for a Plamejob.

  2. but I’m still dealing with “ex”-cia agent, abigail spanberger (scrunt fron nj, serving as my 7th district representative)…… I hate these fukcing dem spooks!

  3. CIA has many infiltrators in big tech, congress, federal agencies, and especially the media.

    Another good sign that the population is waking up.

    The CIA is the Cabals handmaiden while Antifa and the cartels are its military.

    The situation is very dangerous now, but this us a hopeful sign…


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