Former Congressman, Sean Duffy, Joins CNN


CNN announced Sunday that former Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI), an ardent supporter of President Donald Trump, has joined the news network as a contributor.

CNN host Jake Tapper revealed on his State of the Union program that Duffy had joined the network, saying, “Let’s bring in new CNN contributor, commentator and former congressman Sean Duffy. Thank you for being here and congratulations on joining the CNN family.”

In his first appearance, Duffy defended President Trump for raising the prospect that Ukraine could have more information on the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) email server, which was hacked in 2016. More

12 Comments on Former Congressman, Sean Duffy, Joins CNN

  1. Personally, always thought his wife, Miss Conception, was a little disingenuous. You need to work to gain my trust and I wasn’t buying it. Her Hubby joining CNN to be the Conservative whipping boy doesn’t surprise me.

    Mean while, beneath the radar there was a slip. An unintentional “Holy Fxck”
    Research the “Army of Northern Virginia jsoc”. Don’t use Google. We’ll chat later.

  2. Stelter, Tapper and Cooper Hardest Hit. Don’t worry, boys. The NPCs will rise up against Duffy and get him cancelled.

  3. I suspect that he’s to be the token sane person and will wind up serving as the constant punching bag for all the loonies. If I’m correct, I hope he tells them to shove it rather than sit and take it.


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