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Former DEA Claim Pharmas “thwarted” Fight Against Opioids

The Washington Post and CBS News 60 Minutes worked together on an investigative report on how pharmaceutical firms were able to prevent the DEA from reining them in, allowing the drug giants a free hand that fueled the opioid epidemic.

The WP piece names a number of Obama Era office holders and former DEA officials who were critical in either passing the legislation loosing enforcement or lent assistance in avoiding prosecution.

The Washington Post article Here

The 60 minute report is double lengthed and will air this evening More


11 Comments on Former DEA Claim Pharmas “thwarted” Fight Against Opioids

  1. Trusting anyone in government to tell the truth is like trusting a hooker about her STD status.

    Maybe the DEA person is telling the truth, but most likely it is not since they may have an axe to grind. I usually believe the EXACT OPPOSITE of what the Fake News Media reports because they have zero credibility.

  2. Six years or so ago, my wife went to three different doctors at the local military hospitol. (Triscare Standard). We didn’t know it, but it was a hyper thyroid. All three of the Dockterdz offered her different opiods, anti depression meds, and various other bullshit that was all narcs.

    Finally an appointment with a Nurse Practitioner came and she flagged it as a hyper thyroid and we had it cut out.

    We never once picked up the drugs the other three subscribed for her.

  3. Doctors are just as guilty because they are the end provider that enable the over use of opioids.
    They do it under the guise of relieving pain, never giving thought to the pain that addiction rains down on anyone connected to the addicted.

  4. Lets see, we have drugs flooding across the border by the hundreds of tons and we want to focus our efforts on drug manufactures and pharmacies?

  5. I watched the 60 Minutes episode last night (while fighting to stay awake).

    Both CBS News and WP went after Tom Morino and Marsha Blackburn for a bill they helped pass and Obama signed in 2016. 60 Minutes tried to build the narrative that this bill tied the hands of the DEA to go after the three main pharma distributors and thus helped fuel the Opioid Epidemic.

    The only problem, the epidemic has been going on for close to 20 years now, but never mind. It served the purpose of casting doubt on Morino becoming the next Drug Czar and on Blackburn’s run for the Senate.

  6. Drugs aren’t bad till they reach the poor.
    Opioids are safer for a person’s organs than Aspirin, Ibuprofen and tylenol.
    They are very addictive and too much at once can stop a persons ability to breath.
    So the oppressive bureaucracy government will take away the people who truly need legal effective pain medicine,
    And the abusers will buy it on the black market,
    And continue to OD with the same numbers they are now.
    Same old song and Dance,
    The innocent suffer, and the poor go to jail or die.

  7. Looking for a scapegoat for the latest “crisis” – opioid addiction – has everyone in a twist.

    You’ve got the preezy people saying “Just take a pill”, and pharmas are good with that. Then the DEA saying on no you don’t, because we don’t look too good, even if we did shut down the pill train from FL and KY.

    So you get someone like my nearly 80-year-old dad told to go to the ER on a weekend because of severe post-amputation pain and being accused by the staff there of being a drug seeker. It’s kabuki along the lines of the TSA feeling up little old ladies and kids.

    Screw it. We just make sure he never runs out of a prescription again.

  8. I find it difficult to believe that in over a century of medical research, a non-addictive, non-lethal painkiller hasn’t been “discovered”.
    Well, it has, but it contains cannabis, and is therefore illegal in most states.

  9. In Florida if you ask your doc for a simple trigger point injection – non-narcotic (numbing drug + steroid) they send you to a pain clinic where everybody treats you like a drug addict.

    Narcan, a life saving narcotic antagonist, is sold over the counter now.

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