Former Detroit police chief: America has a ‘criminal problem,’ not a gun problem

WaEx: Former Detroit Police Chief James Craig dismissed the idea that there is a gun problem in the United States and instead suggested the country has a “criminal problem.”

“We don’t have a gun problem in America. What we have is a criminal problem,” Craig said during a recent Fox News interview. “Criminals don’t follow the law. They’re going to get guns, so what do we want to focus on? Getting guns from law-abiding citizens? … It’s not about guns. It’s about criminals who have guns, and they don’t get the guns legally. That’s the bottom line.” MORE

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  1. No Shit. To illustrate this, some dumb ass hood rat in Chicago was filmed jumping out of a car shooting at a another car with a full auto rifle. I don’t think those are legal. But then again neither is murder.

  2. I saw that story too. The guy is stopped at a light, in heavy traffic, jumps out out firing, hits nobody. Something tells me he didn’t get out of boot camp.

  3. joe6pak

    The dumb fuck jumped out and fired two three round bursts and accidentally hit the mag release. Dropped the carbina and drew a pistol. Fuckers asking to die. Someone should accommodate him. Mean while, IT’S THE EVIL GUNS,NOT THE INNOCENT RAT PEOPLE. I’m done. There’s no logic here. If they want my guns, come get them.

  4. The biggest part of the “criminal problem” is that the biggest criminals are public officials.

  5. I’ve read several articles some time back that essentially stated that this guy is no friend of the right. This may or may not be his true opinion on this issue but the consensus was that he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  6. Same story about race: America isn’t racist; but too many people are focused just on race as the main denominator for American identity AND it ain’t.

  7. If chief Craig is serious about running for Governor, I hope he’s not a single-issue Republican. I’ve seen THAT before.

  8. The democrats keep the dissatisfaction at a fever pitch and continually stir up rage among the halfwits that are stupid enough to believe them. They guide that rage toward those that have nothing to do with the petty problems and demand revenge.
    It’s the democrats favorite game and we’re living in the shambles that’s created from their evil manipulations.
    Holding these scum responsible would be a good start but going after fellow elected officials is too radioactive for the cowards.

  9. Mystaclean
    Chief Craig came to Portland Maine from Detroit years ago.
    He was anti 2A at that time.
    We showed him, here in the most well armed, and whitest state of the nation, that a well armed society is a polite society.
    He took that knowledge with him when he moved to Florida, and then back to Detroit.
    I’ll leave the racial quotient for future debate, but that, I believe, is what he refers to when he says that they have a “criminal” problem, not a gun problem.
    Someone that can change their opinion upon being presented with good solid results, regardless of party affiliation’ is more than welcome into my circle, and is the antithesis of current democrat/chamber of commerce GOP scumbags.
    He’d make a hell of a governor.

  10. I knew an old teacher from Philadelphia (bad school District). Many years ago, he got up at a school board meeting scheduled as a result of a recent shooting where several innocent non-participants were shot. He suggested a school sponsored gun-club which of course was met with no support (the school had a gun club as late as the early 80s before things got bad.

    They asked him why he felt that was a good idea. He responded simply, so the good kids can learn to respect guns and the bad kids can learn to hit who they are aiming at and not innocent kids.

    Harsh, but true.

  11. Hey Handsome Patriot, you’re in Ptld?
    I’m in So. Ptld!
    Chief Craig replaced Media Mike. I remember. Craig did a good job.

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