Former DNC Chairman Ed Rendell says Ocasio-Cortez “does not represent the Democratic Party”

But, she’s the boss! 

17 Comments on Former DNC Chairman Ed Rendell says Ocasio-Cortez “does not represent the Democratic Party”

  1. Beg to differ Ed. I think she represents the Dems perfectly. She just isn’t as capable of hiding the truth as well as the rest of your fellow party members.

  2. She represents the Dems and everything they secretly stand for.

    They just didn’t want it revealed that publicly until it had already been sprung on us and it was too late to do anything about it.

    They wanted to keep it a covert sort of thing as such.

  3. The democrats use the word “Progressive”, it is socialism.
    AOC forced the socialists of the democrat party out of the closet.
    Even their presidential candidates are trying to out socialize each other.
    Free college, free medical, free food, reparations, higher minimum wage, subsidized housing, open borders, etc. ….
    Free, free, free… working taxpayers expense.
    Socialists all.

  4. I’m going to agree with Rendell.

    Party First Democrats are nuts for certain but they know to lie about what the believe.

    Bug Eyed Donkeyteeth represents the Democrat voter. Ignorant but credentialed. Entitled but not deserving. And so on.

    Same thing for Republicans. Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, McCain, Alexander, Corker, Bushes, etc. These are Party Republicans.

    Both parties have outlived their expiration dates but only survive because no other third party can overcome the incumbent protection racket hurdles and barriers to entry they’ve established to stifle competition.

  5. Sorry Ed, but your brand of corruption is so old fashioned and so full of white privilege…….AOC and her harpies are the next generation of demonrat hucksters.
    Dog track time, Eddie.

  6. Gee Ed, does the Democrat Party get represented by thieves like you? Remember the Barnes art collection that you and you classy pals decided to remove from it’s small museum so you could put it in Philly? You used your office and the law to legally (maybe I should say shady) to steal the collection against the wishes of the late owner (who made provisions to house and display one day a week to the public) acting just like a grave robber. So maybe you ought to just shut up Ed and let AOC continue on her quest to destroy the Dems.

  7. There is not 25 cents worth of difference between socialist and communist.
    They both had the same fathers, Karl Marx and Engels.

  8. The democrats let it out of the box and now they’re wondering how to get it back in. This one may bite them.

  9. FAT Eddie Rendell: a wholly-owned subsidiary of Philthy Mobsters, Inc.! 😳

    Are you jealous there, Philthy Fats, that they found a democrap who can make DUMBER statements than YOU? 😳


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