Former Evergreen State provost says UNC grading strike could cause ‘significant harm’

Campus Reform: A former administrator at the Evergreen State College commented on the grading strike being held at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, claiming that the situation may cause “significant harm” to UNC students.

As Campus Reform reported, multiple faculty and TAs at UNC are protesting the school’s decision to spend $5 million on erecting a building to house a Confederate statue torn down by protesters in August by withholding grades from their students.

While Michael Zimmerman, former provost and VP of Academic Affairs of Evergreen State, told Campus Reform that he understands the concept behind the grading strike, he still doesn’t deem it a good idea.

“I understand and sympathize with the impetus for the grading strike, but I still find it to be a mistake,” Zimmerman said. “It’s my opinion that any actions of this sort should target those who are responsible for the actions being protested and protect ‘innocent bystanders.’ In this case, it’s possible that thousands of ‘innocent’ students, many of whom likely agree that Sam should be removed from campus, are likely to suffer significant harm.”  read more

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  1. I seem to recall that there’s a word for it when somebody injures or holds hostage innocent people in order to influence official decisions, policies, or actions. What was that word? Hmmm. Oh, yes. The word is “terrorism”.

  2. When Evergreen gives another college good advice, they really should listen.
    Evergreen has just about been forced to shut down because they let the inmates run the asylum.
    They speak from empirical evidence, running roughshod over normal students, not a winning strategy.

  3. Do an Alinsky on the protesting faculty. This action presumably violates faculty policies as well as accreditation standards. Therefore the Board of Regents, the University, its Officers, and the faculty should be sued. Complaints should be lodged with the accrediting body. Overwhelm the system with complaints and suits. Make the faculty live up to the professed academic standards.

  4. I do not understand why people are paying multiple $10,000s per year for piss poor biased fake education.
    We have fake news.
    We have fake comedy.
    We have fake education.
    The Left is literally ruining everything.

  5. “They speak from empirical evidence….”

    …that they do, @OpenTheDoor, but universities sacrificed empirical evidence to the god of Political Correctness a long time ago. Universities are now run by fweewings.

    …besides, the types of folks that make these decisions would say that “Empirical” has “Empire” at its root, so to THEM, “Empirical” = colonization = White Europeans = Slavery = White Supremacy, and therefore no one gets any grades until THAT is overthrown as well.

    …which, to me, shouldn’t really matter. If you’re taking a class that is proctored by a prof that wants to hold YOU hostage for someone ELSE’s “wrongthink”, or indeed wants to impose their will on your entire organization based on their OWN feelz, then you may just be in the wrong class anyway and should seriously consider going elsewhere to get an ACTUAL education…

  6. I vote for individual student law suits…. ….and, perhaps, a class action law suit thrown in, just to make the cake batter more tasty. …Lady in Red

  7. “It’s my opinion that any actions of this sort should target those who are responsible for the actions being protested”
    I think they are…

  8. This is really nothing new, a lot of professors back in the late 60’s and early 70’s during the height of the Vietnam War inflated grades in order to protect young men of draft age from flunking out and ending up as cannon fodder in the Army.

  9. Tenured teachers finally figured out a way for universities to get rid of tenured teachers! Fire the lot for failure to perform contractual duties paid for by the victims (students)!


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