Former FBI Asst. Dir. Kallstrom Unloads On Clinton Scandals

In a segment aired on Varney and Company this week, Former Assistant Director James Kallstrom called out Comey, Mueller, Sessions and the Clintons for crimes that are “20 times bigger than Watergate,” yet the Attorney General “is in a coma.”


Why is this man on the sidelines?

5 Comments on Former FBI Asst. Dir. Kallstrom Unloads On Clinton Scandals

  1. Assistant Director James Kallstrom has not said anything that hasn’t been said here and many other places.
    Is Sessions in a coma, inept or is it collusion?

    Is all this to be a revelation to the Trump Administration?
    Certainly not.
    So what’s going on with the crimes of the elite? Another Congressional hearing that goes nowhere?
    When will the DOJ and the FBI adhere to their responsibilities and perform their duties?

    How many more years of democrat establishment BS talking points do we have to hear from the democrat mainstream media?

    So where is General Kelly as chief of staff? Has he surrendered to the swamp?

  2. Why is Sessions still sitting on his briefs? When is the Clinton excrement going to hit the revolving blades? Enquiring minds are getting damed tired of waiting for Justice to be awakened and some answers to be extracted from all the criminal acts of eight years of Hope and Change. These crimes are bigger than any high crimes and misdemeanors in our nation’s history, and nothing gets done about it.

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