Former flight attendant blames failed breathalyzer test on Keto diet

BPR: A former American Airlines pilot says that a popular Keto diet is to blame for his “unfair” termination after he was unable to pass a breathalyzer test.

Andre Riley maintains his innocence, claiming that he “wasn’t drinking” but that a change in diet was responsible for the allegedly false negative. He had been with the airline since 2012 and was fired last year after the test was administered following a Las Vegas-to-Charlotte flight.

“I don’t want to be punished and take consequences for something that I didn’t do. That’s like admitting to a crime or going to jail even though I didn’t do it,” he said in an interview with Fox 13. more here

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  1. Breath analysis only measures hydrocarbons in the breath. It doesn’t discriminate between which hydrocarbons it measures. Cigarette smokers test positive after a drag. If you’ve recently gotten solvent or gas on you you might test positive. Ketosis is a state of burning fat for energy, so it makes sense there might be hydrocarbons in his breath.

  2. I do keto, and totally believe the tests aren’t accurate. My DiL and I were discussing her diet this morning. She has been doing AIP for a couple of years now to heal her thyroid. Their new baby doesn’t have the typical digestive problems, nor the diaper issues their other baby had when she was eating a good diet but also grains and dairy. Both are/were mom fed.

    Diet alters your chemistry.

  3. Was he a Flight “Attendant” (like the headline says, or a “Pilot” like the first sentence says? Big difference if you are on the plane.

  4. The ketone breath test tests for acetone, which is what a breathalyzer tests for. I can believe that it was a false positive. But if he tests for smack and blames the poppyseed bagels, I’ll be a bit more skeptical.

  5. “Andre”? We don’t GIVE Breathalizer test here, there must be some mistake. What was the name of your tester? Buttgieg? And he had the tester in his pants?

    …c’mon, Andre, this is about your CAREER, not how you spent LAST NIGHT…


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