Former Fox News Anchor Shep Smith Heads To CNBC

Ahhhhhh Shep Is Finally Home


In the middle of an otherwise relatively slow post-holiday weekend afternoon, CNBC has just announced that former Fox News anchor Shep Smith will be joining the network, where he will report on a wide range of topics beyond the cable news channel’s typically markets-focused coverage.

Smith abruptly left Fox News, where he built a large following, in October after his criticism of Donald Trump made him sort of an odd-man-out at the conservative-leaning cable news network.


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27 Comments on Former Fox News Anchor Shep Smith Heads To CNBC

  1. NBC better stock up on eyeliner. Sissy boy loves the stuff. Should count towards their 50% women thing also.

  2. I pity the make up artist assigned to Shemp.
    Damnit, you got my blush wrong, again. My eye shadow is all wrong, Damnit.

  3. He was actually a very good journalist about 5 or 6+ years ago.
    But when he accidentally outed himself some years back at that Gay Parade live on TV. You could then see he started getting more and more left of center in his reporting and opinionated commentary. Kind of like he was trying impress the Rainbow members he was still a good Liberal underneath.

    So back in, what was it? Oct, 2019? He called it quits as his contract ended. His viewer numbers were already declining with him reporting only about 210,000 in the important 25-54 $$$ age group.

    CNBC seems like it will be a good fit for him and his now agenda based reporting and direction.

    Plus I think it will greatly help FOX NEWS ratings.

  4. I thought they pretty well had the gay perspective covered already. Maybe they’ll divide the coverage into sub categories, Shemp can cover fisting.

  5. Now he finds out he has to repeat only what they tell him to. Stray one millimeter to one side or the other of the party line and you’re toast. I somehow think he won’t like being a parrot.

  6. “I thought he said he was just gonna kick back and be a mattress for a while.”

    More like head down, ass up, like a bicycle rack. I hear he likes those fatty tires. I hope they remind him to wipe his chin.

  7. Couldn’t stand him when he was on FOX. I would turn it off, or change the station.
    I never have watched CNBC, so, for me, I couldn’t care less.

  8. “What took so fucking long?”

    Do you know how hard it is to find a purple chandelier,
    wall to floor mirrors, and a star shaped chaise lounge, on the cheap?

  9. Please put his show up against Tucker Carlson’s. That’s a big reason why he left. Tucker was getting all the raves, eye-rolled Shep when he got bitchy, and he couldn’t take the insult.

  10. Bad Brad simultaneously traumatized me and made me put off buying a new bicycle, thanks a million. -_-

  11. @Dave

    “Smith, the leftist hack, will fit right in at cnbc”

    Someone at CNBC fits right into queer-eye Shep.

  12. I think you people are mean to not wait until he flames out in his new position at CircusNBC before you start attacking this low-talent oxygen-thieving swish.

    Do I make myself clear?

  13. “He was actually a very good journalist about 5 or 6+ years ago.”

    Yeah, because screaming “My Blago, My Blago” on the air every day is “journalism”. Or something.

  14. Surprised he didn’t go to CNN where he and Cooper could team up and make a Don LeMon sandwich.


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