Former ICE Director has to explain to Geico Caveman that it’s illegal to sneak into our country

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  1. But the problem I have, uh, is, that, uh, as pointed out by the esteemed world-renowned geophysical geologist Professor Congressman Hank Johnson, if too many of these undocumented citizens are sent back to Mexico, that could cause the, uh, physical, literal continental landmass of the continent of Mexico to collapse into the Pacific, or even the Arctic, much as Guam threatens to do, and then, uh, we would have the entire, uh, southern border of the United States would be WATER! Why, sir, do you want the entire southern border of the United States to be WATER? Why do you hate undocumented people of color, who are already citizens of the world, why do you want them to DROWN trying to swim to United States through the new Sea of Mexico which your administration is proposing to create?

  2. The only member of congress who’s presence requires veterinary techs standing by with netting and tranquilizer darts.

  3. Doing illegal things doesn’t make one a criminal.

    Getting CAUGHT doing illegal things, does!

    (which is why “Law Enforcement” gets away with doing illegal things – foxes protecting the hen-house are blind to foxes)

    And that, boys and girls, explains our Legislative Branch – they can, with a simple majority vote – make whatever they do LEGAL.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. “(Alley Oop) He’s the toughest man there is alive
    (Alley Oop) Wearin’ clothes from a wildcat’s hide
    (Alley Oop) He’s the king of the jungle jive
    (Look at that cave man go!!)”

    (Dalla Frazier)

    Heh heh heh …

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. We have several dumb shut congressmen from Texas. The elite nights area, chock full of liberals and gays keep voting for Sheila Jackson Lee. Our district, because of lots of liberal jews booted out Culberson in favor of Lizzie Bordan, a Pelosi clone. And then there is Beto of course, defeated fortunately.

  6. I say, dump the cave critter deep in Mexi cartel country. Coyotes can help him learn the old fashioned way how it’s done.

  7. Al Green used the Socialist Tactics “it’s for the children” argument to try to justify his point, that illegals are okay

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