Former Military Lawyers: Chelsea Manning Subject To Prosecution For Running For Office

Daily Caller-

(…) While Manning’s felony conviction does not appear to automatically disqualify a run for office, his active-duty status presents a much more troubling issue. Such a status, in other words, has enormous implications for engaging in any kind of political activity, especially a Senate run.

Dru Brenner-Beck, retired Army judge advocate general and president of the National Institute of Military Justice, told The Daily Caller News Foundation that on the face of it, Manning is prohibited by DOD regulations from running for office while serving in an active-duty capacity. The only exception is if Secretary of Defense James Mattis grants explicit permission, a power that cannot be delegated by a secretary to anyone else. read more

14 Comments on Former Military Lawyers: Chelsea Manning Subject To Prosecution For Running For Office

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  2. Mithrandir

    The 12 is a true story that’s just been declassified. The big mistake was the lead actor, an Australian, and really poor gun advise. This story deserved much more attention to reality. But again I say it”s worth seeing just to understand the story.

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