Former Miss America Leanza Cornett Dies of Head Injury – IOTW Report

Former Miss America Leanza Cornett Dies of Head Injury

No cause of death was given for Cornett, who was born in Virginia and was raised in Florida. However, News 4 Jax in Jacksonville, Florida, reported that Cornett had suffered a head injury on Oct. 12, according to a Facebook page monitoring her status. MORE

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  1. A Jacksonville Florida girl. Local news said she died of a head injury with no further explanation,,,kinda odd!
    Pretty woman , too bad!

  2. Where’s Hunter?

    (too obvious, I know)

    RIP I’m sure she was a decent person.

  3. From what I understand, head injuries are very unpredictable. A person can die from what seems like a minor tap to the cranium, while others survive and even heal from massive head injuries.

    A family member who used to work in the celebrity gossip media field told me that insurance companies will not insure movie actors who have had a head injury. They wouldn’t insure Michael J. Fox because he’d had a head injury from playing hockey. Although I’ve never heard a correlation between Parkinson’s and head injury, it kind of made me wonder.

  4. It would be nice if pretty young women never die.

    But when you think about it, death is a good thing. Say if we lived on average 500 years, let alone forever, the earth would be overwhelmed with people pretty quickly. Say a healthy male and female couple could produce 3 generations every hundred years, they would produce 15 generations in 500 years. The 15 generations they produce would do the same thing. The rate of population increase is exponential. The result – too many people living too many years.

    There are biblical accounts of people living far longer than we do. Maybe God tweaked His design when He saw that the earth has limits on everything – fish, forests, space, food, everything. We were meant to die and that’s a good thing.

  5. @TimBuktu

    Interesting, but Too much math for me on a Friday of a Plandemic.
    Safe Weekend everyone and get out and vote.

    The entire free world is counting on you, they just don’t realize it yet.

  6. A good whack on the head can scramble things inside your head.
    Mid afternoon when I was about 14 y.o. I woke up on the couch, blood all over the front of my shirt. No idea why I looked like that. My friend Mike was on the porch. He told me I had been at his house earlier in the day when my cousin came by to ask us to come play football. And that during the game me and another guy jumped to recover a fumbled ball. Hitting our heads together. After which I staggered off to home about a block away.

    A few days later I had some bits of memory of my cousin coming to Mike’s house, and of the two of us walking and following my cousin who was riding a bicycle. More like remembering a parts of a dream than recalling something I did. To this day I have zero memory of playing football that day. That day started when I woke up on my couch at home.

    Two weeks ago my wife’s cousin, Freddie, began acting oddly, and confused about whether he was intending to enter a room or just leaving it. The second day as his behavior became stranger his wife called for an ambulance. No fall or head injury had happened but he has a brain bleed, has been in ICU for two weeks, and it looks doubtful if he will recover. Nice guy sad to see him in this condition. Early 70s, I think.

  7. We had a Security Guard at ABC have a food can fall on her head, at home from a high shelf. She wasn’t found for 3 days and then was in hospital for about 3 months. She spent another 3 months at home and came back to work. She had a completely different personality. Her former personality was rather dour with bouts of truculence. Her new personality was all smiles and loopy laughter… but those who knew her knew it wasn’t just a change of outlook. Her brain was rewired.

    Then she died about 2 months later.



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