Former Obama Activist: “Run Away” To Trump!


“Hello everybody my name is Lucretia Hughes and this is my #walkaway story. I want to say thank you to everyone that has watched my video and given me encouragement, prayers, donations and support (because I’m not stopping, not only for my 7 grandchildren but also my Nation). I am just one woman with a vision, backbone and voice that is not afraid to fight for her Nation. Much love. EDIT: for everyone asking for tshirts please message me. Thank you for the seeds, prayers and blessings.”  – Lucretia.

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  1. From the looks of Trumps black approval the numbers are steadily climbing and people are waking up. Another good indicator is when there was a heavy push for the Latino vote by the Zuckerburg types in California and it backfired on them with many voting for Trump.
    Trump is so unique in the world of politics and people have a good sense of him and that he’s telling the people the truth.
    This movement is growing fast.

  2. Powerful Message! There is nothing like a heartfelt and thoughtful message than from someone who has lived through all the lies and can now see that they were lies.

    If she is still living and surrounded by lots of Democrat family and friends, then her hard work is just beginning.

  3. The Walk-Aways may be just the nourishment the Party needs…would any of this be happening w/o Diamond & Silk? Thank God for those ladies.

  4. I never understood what, “the white man will put and keep you down’ meant, until I heard this lady.

    They are right in one way: The White Men’ are the demoncrats and their elitist, rich hierarchy who have tried to keep not only the Blacks down, but all of the ‘deplorables’. We are nothing to them, except tools to be used and abused. ‘Do as we say, don’t look at how we break laws, judicial and moral, WE are the exception, you are nothing but stepping stones’, should be their creed.

    The phrase she got, ‘not your turn’ was the clue. Demoncrats always want the ‘free’ workers, interns, campaign workers (Hillary, recently), and etc. But rarely are they allowed to rise to the top.

    No wonder people are leaving the demoncrats. Especially since there has been a big swing into socialism, which promises even more elitist abuse.

  5. She looks like the kind of woman who won’t take crap off some man, pays her own way, and teaches her young to ‘straighten up and fly right’
    When Blacks realize exactly how bad they have been used by the Left, the DNC will disappear

  6. Making All Americans Great is what Trump will be known for in the annals of history – irrespective of what the left childishly screams about….

  7. If this thinking is “festering,” undercover, in America today, then the midterms will be a Trump landslide. …..Lady in Red

    PS: I just went back and looked at the first #WalkAway video, Brandon Straka:

    This may turn out to become a famous speech, a 2018 J’Accuse…? …one for the history books? (Brandon is leading a march in DC, late next month. How many people will come? ….smile…)

  8. We don’t want minorities wasting away on welfare. We want to see you educated, thriving and succeeding. That’s equality. If we all put into the pot, it’s a win/win. If you’re living your life on government assistance, you’re owned. Look at Native Americans! The government knew what it would take to keep them down. Kudos to this young lady! Be true to yourself. God bless.


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