Former Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn(R) Dies at 72

KFI: Former Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn has died after a long fight with prostate cancer, The Oklahoman reported Saturday morning. He was 72-years-old.

“Tom A Coburn, MD, beloved husband, father and grandfather, passed away peacefully at home this morning surrounded by his family,” his family said in a statement. “Because of his strong faith, he rested in the hope found in John chapter 11 verse 25 where Jesus said, ‘I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me, will live, even though they die.’ Today he lives in heaven.”

A memorial service will be scheduled for a later date and will be announced, his family said. read more

9 Comments on Former Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn(R) Dies at 72

  1. “Tom A Coburn, MD, beloved husband, father and grandfather“.

    There are a lot of MDs, husbands ,fathers and grandfathers and I’m sure the people in his life will miss him something awful but possibly the most distinctive description of him is “honest politician”.

  2. If not the best in the last 40 years 1 of the better ! I admit to being conservative; and have a Ronny/Barry bias.

    I thank God Tom was here 20 years ago. wish the leftist GWB had not been here!

    God only knows what GWB would have done with out “Dr. No!” to hold him back!

    Thank God tom was here. Karl and the libs hated and derided “Dr. No!”. Because he was in GWB’s way! BTW the lib Karl is still the main Fox pundit. That should tell you what you ned to know about the liberal GOP Fox. As Barry said 60 years ago, “NY values Republicans” He referred Teddy btw not another billionaire! Karl lies when he says Barry meant Roky! Read “Conscience of ….”! I did 60 years ago

    As noted above, unlike Bush, he was honest! How unique!


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