Former Rep. Corrine Brown(D-Flarda): Go Gata!

Corrine Brown—

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  1. @ B E G: Neither do I. But, would “Former FL Rep. Corrine Brown (d), cousin of the famed Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Stacey Abrams, Frederica Wilson, Ayanna Pressley and the much missed Cynthia McKinney reasserts her street cred in a stirring and impeccable speech on the House Floor!” do?

  2. I had to stop at the 35 second mark. She is so proud of her Florida Gator football team.

    A little history about Georgia Southern. When Urk Russell was the coach he used to say “Get After There Asses” which became a rallying call of GATA for Georgia Southern’s six NCAA FCS (I-AA) National Championships. Georgia Southern would also be a beginning of the season “tune-up” game for SEC powerhouses for their first game. GSU would get a big payday for going to a SEC homefield and get beaten in the season opener.

    It is ironic the GSU went to the swamp to play Florida. GSU took ownership of the field and beat Florida. Florida Gator’s hate Georgia Southern and for Corine Brown to use the GATA she is out of touch with Florida football.

  3. I’ve lost my patience to listen to more that a few seconds of the ignorant, loud mouthed, drooling members of Congress.

    I lack the courages to click go on most of them, but this one peaked my curiosity with ‘Gata’. What the hell is a ‘gata’ a break in a fence through which you can pass? Mis- or new use for ‘gag me’?

  4. Unfortunately, the congressional district lines were redrawn and we are in her former district. It used to snake its way from Jacksonville to Central Florida (Apopka), but now snakes around I10 from Jacksonville to Tallahassee.
    Fortunately, we now have Al Lawson, a much more articulate man (former FSU basketball player) with years of experience in state legislature.
    Of course, he is black and democrat, towing party line with a enough blacks in the gerrymandered district to make it virtually impossible to turn republican.

  5. Wheres bayowolf? All dees damn yankees iz a-spittin’ on southern culture and language.

    Play a vid of one of those fat mooks from Jersey mangling the language all Sopranos style.


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