Former Sec. of Defense Robert Gates Stands By Comment On Joe Biden Being ‘Wrong On Most Foreign Policy Issues’


Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates under President Obama reaffirmed that he believes former Vice President Joe Biden has been “wrong on most foreign policy issues” in the past 40 years, during an interview with David Axelrod on CNN’s The Axe Files.

“[Biden] clashed with the Pentagon and with the leadership over Afghanistan, and you’ve been fairly critical of him at one point, saying he was wrong every foreign policy issue for 40 years,”Axelrod said. “Would you be comfortable with him as Commander in Chief?”

Gates replied that he thinks he will have to “wait and see” and if Biden is fit for the office.

“I think vice president did have some issues with the military and I did say that recently that I stand by the statement that I thought he had been wrong about most foreign policy issues for 40 years, especially during the Cold War, but in truth apart from Afghanistan there were a number of issues he and I agreed on,” Gates said. “He’s obviously got a lot of experience, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee for a long time and we will just have to see how these things play out.” more

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  1. Well, I suppose you could say better a demonstrable dummy than a covert enemy of the USA and Western Civilization in general, like his former boss. Biden has been a living example of Georges Santayana’s warning about ignorance of history his entire career. To our Nation’s discredit, he also has been a living, at least partial refutation of A. Lincoln’s warning about being a phony and a liar: “… but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”.

  2. Gates is a Republican, so his opinion will be discounted as being partisan.

    I will state that Biden is wrong on just about every policy issue he offered an opinion. He is an empty suit devoid of any concrete convictions. The people of Delaware owe us an apology for continuing to elect the buffoon.

  3. Biden is not qualified for any public office. Biden is a follower, not a leader. His entire career he got by with putting a wet finger in the air to see which way the wind was blowing. In 40 years of sucking off the government he has accomplished ZERO!

  4. Indeed, judgeroybean. And he’s flip-flopped on almost every topic over the years – which proves it. The guy’s a mental coin toss.

  5. Gates is a swampy creature. I think he was all in for queers as Boy Scout leaders. Worked for both Bush and Oblowjob criminal enterprises.

  6. Biden is a corrupt, incompetent poser hack who got lucky in a little state. His son is a crack-smoking (literally) crook. This ass stood by a traitor for 8 years.

    Good riddance.

  7. Gropin’ Joe will sway with any wind. He’s no leader.
    Reminds me of a scene from “Lonesome Dove,” When Gus ‘splained to young Newt that Jake Spoon would sway with any wind. “Jake hooked up with a bad bunch, horse thieves and murderers, so we hung him.”
    Ah the good old days.

  8. In an administration whose FoPo motto was “Don’t do stupid shit”, and which did nothing *but* stupid shit, Biden is hardly a standout as a hapless doofus. At least he didn’t deploy James Taylor.


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