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Former VA Staffer Admits To Killing Seven Elderly Vets Using Insulin


A woman who used to work as a nursing assistant at Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center in West Virginia admitted that she killed seven veterans and poisoned another. Prosecutors said that while Reta Mays, 46, was working night shifts at the hospital between July 2017 and June 2018, she injected the patients with insulin even though they were not diabetic.

The insulin caused their blood sugar to drop, resulting in severe hypoglycemia. One of Mays’ intended victims survived and made a full recovery. Mays denied the charges for nearly two years before deciding to plead guilty to seven counts of second-degree murder and one count of assault with intent to commit murder. more

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  1. SECOND DEGREE MURDER !?!?!?!?!?????
    What the hell do you have to do to be charged with first degree murder??

  2. For the confused woman in WVA who killed seven vets…
    She should be executed by injecting her with insulin,
    The same death sentence she imposed on others,
    Taxpayers should not have to subsidize her existence any longer than needed.

  3. When I asked my dad (a prior Air Force jet fighter pilot) if he would ever go to the VA for medical care he said “No, going to the VA is like giving your life twice for your country!”

  4. …I notice we don’t get a picture of “Reta” and that the charges for confessing to deliberate, preplanned serial killing are SECOND degree murder, you don’t suppose those things are related, do you…

  5. …when I was running Squad we usually tried to talk them OUT of going to the VA. The VA folks ALWAYS required a call-ahead through the County, generally did NOT want to accept patients, even emergent paitents already being treated there, were abusive and rude to squads and patients alike, and didn’t have any visible interest in patient care. I don’t know what their doctors were like because I NEVER saw one, in the ER, in a DECADE of patient transport, but the NURSES sure weren’t happy to be there, and let you know IF they deigned to talk to you at ALL. They usually just said dump the patient in a bed and leave.

    …one time they got payback, though. We picked up a guy who has spent the day literally trying to drink hiself to death in a bar, and eventually the suicidal ideation got to the bartender, so he called us. Guy was pretty honest about it, made no bones about he was still in Saigon (literally, he was a Vietnam vet and was even decades later having issues), and he just wanted to quietly drink himself to death once and for all. Well, for various reasons we couldn’t accomodate that and the cops had tagged him anyway, so down the road we went, watching for vomit and just having the most uplifting of conversations, interspersed with attempts to leave the unit irrespective of it driving down the highway.

    That’s why you time ’em down. A cravat works wonders.

    Anyway, during the enlightening and rambling talk, we got that he was being treated for “combat shock” (PSTD in modern parlance), and that a brain peeper at the VA already had some dealings with him, so General wouldn’t want him anyway. So, we did the back-and-forth through the County that we never had to do with ANY OTHER HOSPITAL, and miraculously gained their grudging consent, so off to the Old Soldier’s Death House we went.

    …well, we got there, and Nurse Crabby was not pleased to actually have, you know, a PATIENT, so she pissily told to dump him in a bunk and begone, while showing zero interest in dealing witb him herself. We did so, and asked what about the rrstraints? And told her of his desire to leave, AND the awesome quantities of bad booze he had not, to this point, barfed up. Quit bugging her and leave, the professionals have this noe, she backhanded.

    Ok, put in our place by Her Loftiness, we went to the squad room to complete our report and collect anything a previous unit may have left.

    The squad room had a window, and ere long we started seeing Nurse Ballbuster and her minions running back and forth, apparently looking for something.

    Which, of course, was our erstwhile patient.

    Seems he’d decided dying at a hospital was good as anywhere, and with no restraints or minders, into the Blue he went…

    …they DID find him before we left.

    In the Clean Linen closet.

    Where he vomited on EVERYTHING.

    …and, in a just world, where I devoutly hope Nurse Nasty had to help wipe his distillery chunkage from every available surface the rest of the shift…

    …don’t know what happened after that. Never saw the guy again.

    …but it probably was NOT because they healed him…

  6. AbigailAdams
    JULY 16, 2020 AT 4:14 PM
    “@supernightshade — This is a picture of her:”

    …well, OK, guess it’s not my FIRST guess, but yeesh, WARN a guy, that’s prett NASTY to pop up all at once…

  7. I’m against the death penalty, but in this case I’ll make an exception if I get to pull the switch on the electric chair.

  8. …we had a guy several years back at a local long-term facility that styled himself “The Angel Of Death” and killed a lot of HIS patients before they caught up with HIM, because they were all chronic problems and no one really cared, so he took it upon himself to “end their misery”, and HE claimed to have killed some at the VA BEFORE that, too, until someone beat HIM to death in prison…

    …as the Preacher in Ecclesiastes says, there’s nothing new under the Sun…

  9. Today’s Gen XYZ have no idea what the cost has been for them to protest in the streets. To shake their fist in the air, actually believing their own self importance.
    Schools have failed history, and that brings us to today.

    I knew a WW2 vet. He had participated in the Bataan Death March, 3 years in a Japanese POW camp. 6’1″ tall and 89 pounds when he was rescued. He had lied about his age and joined the Marines @ 17. He had health issues from be starved at such a young age, but the biggest problem was the nightmares that continued until he died.

    Young people should know war is not anything like “Call of Duty”.

  10. After seeing her cold dead eyes filled with hate, you know she took the job for access to play out her desires to hurt and kill.

    Like pedophiles always seeking jobs involving children.

  11. I spent a few days in the hospital a few years back. A male nurse came into my room. I was pretty doped up, but was aware of what was going on. He stood by my bedside with a syringe. I asked him what it was for. He said it was insulin. WTF! I’ve never taken insulin. I went Karen on him, and never saw him after that. It’s in my nature to be suspicious. I had excellent insurance and they cashed in on it. That nurse should be executed yesterday.


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