Formula One To Be “Net Zero” By 2030

The top racing class, Formula One, has set the ambitious goal making its race cars, racing teams and venues lower or offset their carbon emissions to zero in 10 years. Here

They even have plans for their fans”attending races with “incentives and tools” to reach events in greener ways, as well as providing opportunities for local people and business to get more involved in the sport.” More

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  1. The Indy 500. Yards. Maybe they can spice it up with their new driver, Mario Androgynous.

    These people.

    Keep your batteries charged for your miserable and lonely sex lives. You all are pathetic.

  2. So, basically two Years of sh*t Racing…Then the World ends?

    We just had the Key West Offshore Worlds ….Lots and lots of

    Combustion Engines…And Busty Women…I took 2700 Photos..

    Got two good ones…

  3. It’s sad to watch an industry and a civilization kill itself. When humans remove God from their life and put themselves in control, this is the inevitable. It’s been documented before. I’m just glad I’ll already be gone when it happens.

  4. Where else can you get 4 tires changed and a full tank of gas in less than 10 seconds.
    I would like it more if they would open the track up more to allow more passing,not just getting the pole.
    It all about who can get the fastest lap to sit on the pole. No room to pass.

  5. Don’t waste your time with this high-dollar crap.
    Go to your local track and watch guys race using their own money, talent, ingenuity and fortitude. It doesn’t matter if it is road racing,flat track, motocross, drags, mud bogs, hill climbs, tractor pulls…even lawn tractor racing!
    You will have more fun and meet nicer people too!

  6. @PHenry – “Next thing will be the Uphill Soapbox Derby cuz we’re smarter than gravity”

    Good for you, you get it.

  7. When Formula – 1 can recharge the batteries in these cars in 10 – 13 seconds, I may watch a race, just to see the sparks fly, cables melt, & the AC/DC charging transformers blow, when they all pit at once under a caution flag.

    I read an article a couple of months ago that said drivers would actually have to switch to another car, because one cannot run long enough to finish a race.

  8. I’m pretty sure I just coined that phrase. Smarter than gravity. It’s got that ‘hold my beer’ ring to it.
    But it could only happen on an open forum like IOTW report.

  9. People should get off the couch and go support local racing, it’s ten times better than Formula One or Nascar.
    If you’re too lazy to get off your couch there are many sanctions that live stream races and there is a channel on satellite that also has dirt racing.

  10. There’s this place
    A place no one knows about
    A little bit Rock n’ Roll
    A little bit Country
    From before the Motor Laws
    Look at that. . .
    A Winners Line

  11. Man/women/fill in blank________, nothing like the sound of a high powered electric four wheeler, said no one ever. Is it just me or does the left put the suck on all things American? Was it Earl that put the rainbow unicorn on top of the general Lee after somebody bought it and caught grief for having the bars and stars on top of it then had it removed?

  12. I’ve watched and participated in all kinds of racing and half mile and one mile flat track racing scares the hell out of me. Second is woods racing.(Hare and hound/Cross Country) Those trees are very patient and they will wait forty years to rip you off your motorcycle. F1 is just euro spec racing today. The days of wild innovation is gone.

  13. I will also say something else about local racing, there are a lot of rednecks and some of them just like in everything else are assholes or think they’re God’s gift to racing, but when they say the opening prayer, every person stops what they’re doing and bow their heads. When they play or sing the national anthem, every person, including the youngest of the children put their hand over their heart.
    Just about every track has a track photographer and those are always my favorite photos are the pictures of kids barely able to walk up to teenagers with their hands over their hearts.

  14. Zero isn’t low enough. Go Negative. Put windmills on top of the cars that provide the cars more power like a turbo and add giant non-aerodynamic scoops that garble up CO2. That’s got to be better, aim for the best you can be! You can then watch trees die in real-time all around the track.

  15. Soon they’ll be on bicycles, and be fan net zero.

    Or, Trump starts his own car racing enterprise, with bad ass cars, and make a mint.

  16. Go to the slot car concept. Dig slots into the track and put pegs under the cars and run them on a 12 volt DC converter. Have the drivers using hand held controllers on the sidelines.

  17. JD Hasty, I still haven’t gone to the sprint boat races at Web Slough in St. Johns, Wa. My younger brother goes to both races every year and says it a great big kick in the ass watching those boats speed thru the narrow water filled slough they carve out of the wheat fields down there. I may have to tag along with him and go down there. They also have had jet boat races on the narrow St. Joe River in St. Maries, Id. on occasion. We used to go to the local stock car races on a half mile dirt track at the Spokane Interstate Fairgrounds when I was younger, the demolition derbies were a blast.

  18. As a life-long Formula One fan, I’m already preparing the funeral services with this news. The geniuses running the show are killing it in the name of political correctness, and race fans are going to be walking away in droves. Too bad. As usual, it’s probably the French that are fucking up the works.


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