Formula One Legend Niki Lauda Has Finished His Last Race

In a sport where at least one competitor a year was expected to die, racing great Niki Lauda stood out as one of the greatest.

Three time World Drivers’ Champion, twice with Ferrari and once with McLaren, perhaps Lauda’s greatest achievement is racing again after a fiery crash on Germany’s Nurburging (Nurburg Ring) in 1976. Despite suffering third degree burns to his face and server damage to his lungs from inhaling toxic fumes, Lauda returned six weeks later to try to hang on to his overall points lead to retain his title as Drivers’ Champion.

British driver James Hunt eventually overtook Lauda in Japan after the Austrian withdrew due to the weather,   burned tear ducts and his inability to blink. The racing rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda was well portrayed in the 2013 Ron Howard film, “Rush.”

Accolades from across the racing world have poured in at Lauda’s passing. More



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  1. We were in Germany visiting family when his race car crashed and he was badly burned. It was the biggest news story in the country.

  2. Requiescat in Pace Niki. Survivor of a terrible dangerous sport and a man with great big, brass balls.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  3. RIP Niki Lauda. Truly a great one.

    F-1, is an amazing sport to watch. Some the best drivers. The courses are different and very challenging. A great weekend… I highly recommend everyone to get a chance to attend. EXPENSIVE!! but super fun. 🙂

  4. Just damn.
    I’m a big f1 guy. He was one of, if not the best. Farwell to a man I never met.

    At DrRiff, you didn’t want him on your tail. Such skills with the wheel.

  5. What happens to racing when the machines drive better than humans? Will anyone care anymore when no one is defying death each time the driver gets behind the wheel?

    But if the machines can perform better than humans, can any team continue putting drives at risk and their own chances of competing against those who go autonomous?

    We may never see the likes of Niki Lauda again.

  6. @Dr Tar, if the machines take over, racing is finished. Like all endeavors, I want to see a human push the the machine to its limits. With a tip of the hat to Chuck Yeager.

  7. RUSH was a great movie and as I recall from back in the day pretty damn spot on.

    As far a Niki when one of his 767’s crashed he was determined to prove it was Boeings fault and he did…he held their feet to the fire seems a thrust reverser bucket deployed on it’s own causing the plane to roll over and crash on take off.

    RIP Niki

  8. Geez, I still recall my introduction into that world of auto racing. I was about 13 yo (about 1964) and found a book about Stirling Moss on the bookmobile (at that time my little hometown didn’t have a public library). Read that book and afterwards other similar books and racing magazines for years afterward. I think Moss was the greatest all-most champion driver. Never the success of Mr Lauda, but a generation older driver.

  9. As a long-time F1 fan, I found Lauda to be a intensely fierce and driven competitor. Gave no quarter, asked none. A brilliant driver. RIP Niki.

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