Founder of Hair Club for Men, Sy Sperling has died

NBC: Sy Sperling, the founder of Hair Club for Men, who coined the once-ubiquitous tagline “I’m not only the Hair Club president but I’m also a client,” died Wednesday, his family said. He was 78.

Sperling passed away “after a lengthy illness,” in Boca Raton, Florida. MORE

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  1. …they had to transplant some mourners from other parts of the cemetary, for a fuller, more natural looking graveside service…

  2. Jimmy
    FEBRUARY 21, 2020 AT 12:42 AM
    “Would that be splitting hairs, SNS?”

    …no, but it comes within a hair of it, @Jimmy…

  3. Odin 2013
    FEBRUARY 21, 2020 AT 9:47 AM
    “RIP. Who is his hair apparent?”

    …unkown. that will be the mane attraction at the funeral, I suppose..

  4. True story:
    In the 1980s I was driving to a comedy club in Manhattan. In NYC traffic I looked in my rear view mirror and who was behind me? Sy Sperling! I got to the club where a bunch of friends and I were gonna see Jay Leno, who was at the time a hot nightclub comedian doing standup on Carson and Letterman. I told BigFurHat who was there and he laughed. Later on that night Fur comes back from the men’s room and says, “I just ran into Sy Sperling back there!” I asked if he said hello. Fur replied, “Yeah, then I said, ‘Hey, the hair looks good!'”

  5. “Dearly Beloved, we are here today to mourn the passing of a man who inspired growth in all who sought him. While he may now have been fallen out of life, it means only that he was transplanted to a better place where he will grow in glory until he flows even onto the very shoulders of Heaven, never to be cut off or even trimmed down again…”

    RIP Sy Sperling. You seemed a fun guy with a full life, so you probably would have appreciated a wake with razor wit and cutting comments like these. You shielded many a man’s thoughts from sun and covered a lot of forehead sins in your time, may you now be as coiffed as a Nazarene as you regale the Lord with the scalps you saved.

  6. …But let us in seriousness remember his family. As with any man he does likely have someone who loved him, maybe many someones. Please keep them in your prayers as they mourn his passing, and may God Bless and comfort them in their hour of need.

    He leaves behind a wife, a daughter, a son, and a sister. Please lift them up in prayer.

    In the precious name of Jesus,

  7. Answerman Cooper
    FEBRUARY 21, 2020 AT 11:02 AM
    “I’m a client of the Nose and Ear Hair Club. The club found me when I was in my 40s.”

    …that was God preparing you for the next stage in life. He knew you were going to start making unpleasant smells and you were going to start getting nagged s lot more, so he took steps to buffer you from both…


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