‘Fountains of Wayne’ Singer Adam Schlesinger Succumbs To Chinese Flu


Adam Schlesinger, a musician and songwriter highly regarded for his work as a member of Fountains of Wayne and an Emmy-winning songwriter for TV’s “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” has died as a result of coronavirus complications, Variety has confirmed. He was 52.

Schlesinger died Wednesday morning. He was divorced and is survived by two daughters.

He had previously been reported Tuesday morning as “very sick and heavily sedated” by his attorney of 25 years, Josh Grier. He had been in an upstate New York hospital for more than a week at that time, Grier said. More

Never heard of “Fountains of Wayne,” that’s OK, chances are you’ve heard Schlesinger’s music. Here

One of my favorites of theirs, “It Must Be Summer” off of the very good “Utopia Parkway” album. Here

NFL promo using their song “All Kinds of Time. Here

Conan O’Brian remembers Adam and Fountains for their performance of the Kinks, “Better Things” on his late night show after 9/11. It was one of these events that sort of helped turn the corner after that tragedy. Here

12 Comments on ‘Fountains of Wayne’ Singer Adam Schlesinger Succumbs To Chinese Flu

  1. I read that he had pancreatic cancer. Media wants so bad to overhype Covid in order to do in Trump/USA. That’s why it’s kind of a mistake to allow your historic enemies to dominate your media/entertainment/advertising. They’re leveraging Covid for excessive destruction.

  2. He also wrote the theme song for the movie “That Thing You Do”

    I really liked Fountains of Wayne’s first album

  3. Awesome song writer too bad the only thing he’ll be remembered for is Stacey’s mom
    Check out valley winter song
    one of my favorites and a final song to play on guitar

  4. “… New York hospital …”
    Explains it all.

    RIP – never heard of you, but you probably never heard of me, either.

    izlamo delenda est …

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