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Four Failures of Seattle

The failure at the top? Gov. Jay ‘big gums’ Inslee. Democrat.
His teeth look like a drunk tank riot.

KIRO : Seattle riots a stunning failure of political leadership

Apparently, there were only four people in the region on Friday who did not know Seattle was going to erupt in flames and rioting Saturday night. Sadly, those four people were Jay Inslee, Dow Constantine, Jenny Durkan, and Carmen Best.

All Americans were unified in our disgust over the nauseating police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. That cop has rightfully been charged with murder.

And there were a lot of good-hearted people — including here in our region — who wanted to peacefully gather and demonstrate and be heard about how heartsick and angry they are about this senseless killing.

But for days, in city after city, we saw those peaceful protests get hijacked by rioting and looting that had zero to do with George Floyd — in fact, all the rioting did was dishonor Floyd’s memory.

Having seen for days what was happening in city after city, how did our political leaders not know that was going to happen in Seattle Saturday? When the Seattle protests were announced, I said on my show Friday that they were inevitably going to lead to disaster for our city.

So, why did our political “leaders” allow this mayhem to happen? There are only two possible answers: That they truly did not see this coming, in which case they really are too ignorant for their jobs and should resign immediately; or that they did see this coming and decided to allow it to happen anyway.

They all talked about the constitutional right of people to peacefully assemble. But of course, in that same First Amendment, it says government cannot prohibit the free exercise of religion.

For more than two months, Jay Inslee took away the freedom of people to gather at church, saying his power as governor trumps the U.S. Constitution during a health crisis. So, why didn’t he ban the downtown events that everyone knew were going to lead to rioting under his same “health crisis” claim? read more

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  1. these “leaders” are the very same people that let violent felons out of jail a couple weeks ago … because wuflu

    kowinkydink ??

  2. OT: has anyone heard anything about PDT is huddled up in the WH Bunker? … I doubt very seriously if he’s doing this … the NG was called out earlier to guard the WH, but the asswads at Fox (Brett Bare, Shannon Breem) have mentioned ‘the bunker’ several times each.

    btw, the assholes have defaced the Lincoln Memorial … gettin’ pissed

  3. Last night Ivan Frost’s bulls got into some heated discussions with Everett Benoit’s bulls and they tore down about 40 feet of wire fence. Bill Freizner lit off his brush pile which encouraged Eddie Putman to light his off….two bicycle riders passed by and one horsey rider….The ladies of the Methodist church have not had an organized church service for 12 weeks yet they meet in secret, make cookies and pies and gossip and possibly play a card game called ‘pitch’. All the while they refuse to wear masks….I’m on the edge of my seat for what comes tomorrow….

  4. They are tearing up Bellevue Square right now, we are talking about one of the cities with the most money in the USA.
    The cops will not let this go on for long.
    B.Gates (and many of the rich in the Seattle area)
    We are talking about a really high end mall.
    You want a $ 25,000 or more watch, $15,000 dress you can get it there.

  5. I heard that they also trashed the World War 2 monument in DC but I’m not sure. I turned Bret Baier off after I saw that comrade Juan Williams was on the discussion panel. My daughter just told me these assholes broke into the Apple store in downtown Spokane as well and maybe more, I hate these bastards.

  6. Geoff C. The Saltine Oh that’s interesting. I didn’t know Bellevue was loaded. I would imagine they have security and some of them are armed. They just won’t tell you they are, right?

  7. @Geoff There is a rumor that there is going to be a riot in downtown Snohomish. Lots of SWAT showing up there as a precaution. I’m seeing it on FB and Twitter.

  8. Armed citizens are ready to defend Snohomish if sh*t happens from what I’m reading on Twitter.

    More conservative on this side of the lake. Us normals. I’m closer to Snohomish than Bellevue, so yeah. Great.

  9. Illustr8r They did say they were going to go to the burbs a few days ago and here they are.
    I did not know that Antifa was into Antiques.
    They will get shot at in that city.
    You know what I mean, they don’t screw around.

  10. MJA The money is out of this world.
    Many of the houses I have worked in are far north of $5,000,000. I have handled hand blown glass light fixtures that cost $50,000 wall sconces just the glass globes $5,000.
    One time a painter and I had to take a Rembrandt off the wall for Bruce McCaw all he said was be careful.
    Cost to replace $500,000

  11. I read in the paper from afar that the West Seattle Bridge is teetering on collapse. Direct those douche canoes there and then blow up the bridge with all of them on it. Problemo solved.

  12. Bellevue is home to the Republican establishment that runs the State GOP. They won’t do anything. They stood around and let the King/Pierce Democrat machine steal the 2004 gubernatorial election in broad daylight. That so demoralized the Republican base that they just don’t bother turning out for Statewide elections since then.

    They are far closer to the Democrats than they are to Constitutional conservatives. By an order of magnitude actually. They will lie to your face at the Republican Picnic and dry shave you a week later. Real bastards that Eastside bunch. Absolute filth. Loaded with never Trumpers. Real swamp dwellers. Conniving duplicitous treacherous and just as full of shit as a Christmas goose. Every fucking one of them.

  13. Yep MJA it was built to last 75 years we got 34.
    It gets over 100,000 trips a day.
    If we were not in a covid shut down there would shootings on the other 2 bridges.
    What would be for me a 25 to 30 minute trip to West Seattle is now over 1.25 hours.

  14. OK just saw that Bellevue mall was looted. 2 security guards attacked, one hit with a tire iron. Freeways all closed.

  15. JD one name Susan Hutchinson. Cost President Trump the state, I know that for a fact along with C. Wilber and that asshole Medved.

  16. Dow Constantine lived with his parents when he was in law school. When he graduated he ran for, and won, a seat on the King County Council. After a few terms there he ran for, and won, the job of King County Executive.

    That is the sum total of his experience in the real world.

  17. RadioMattM
    He also has the state police drive him around to his drinking holes every day with his girl friend,not his wife. Its on tape.
    People have know idea how corrupt this city is.

  18. Ask me about Medved and his butt buddy Mike Siegel at the next get together. Better yet ask me about who was hitting on female officers whose boyfriends/husbands were deployed and who was right there watching him. They used to show up out at McCord AFB from time to time.

  19. I remember when they closed the old low level West Seattle bridge. City officials were shocked when the high level bridge became the second busiest non-freeway road in the state. Then they replaced the four lane low-level bridge with a two lane bridge.

    Back in the ‘80’s, Mike Heavey introduced a measure in the legislature to allow West Seattle to break off from Seattle. A modified version passed: it could happen as long as the rest of the city approved.


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