Four More Years Wishlist: Why President Trump Must Be Reelected

Bill Whittle says we need to reelect President Donald Trump “to see the rule of law restored in the United States.” What would four more years of a Trump administration mean for the country, the Constitution, the economy and justice for all?

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  1. Whittle must be a Russian bot. I hear that the Russians are working fervently night and day to re-elect Trump. Therefore anyone supporting Trump must be in favor of foreign interference in Our Democracy. It follows logically that True Patriots support the Democrats. Don’t be a Russian tool. Be a True American. Vote for Democratic Socialism.

  2. I couldn’t finish listening, Bill was just way too irritating. First I just disagree about pardons or risk a civil war. If these criminal acts are properly illuminated to the public then the opposition will not have the moral standing to sway a large enough movement to coalesce around a large scale confrontation. If they do then so be it, it’s past time to settle this.

    If these people are allowed to escape justice there will never be any chance of regaining any trust in the legal system and the republican leaning people will no longer submit themselves to abuse through the legal system.
    Jail for the scoundrels or war!

  3. Didn’t watch but unless the swampers in the House and the Senate remain, not very much positive for “We the People” will happen in the next four years.

    AND prosecute AND IMPRISON the guilty!!!!!

  4. Bill(and Ott) jumped the shark years ago. And this bilge? He’s gone around the bend.

    Convict these scumbags and then pardon them? Is he kidding? What a moroon.


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